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The Elf Experience (KOTLC X Reader) by StoriesInTheHowls
The Elf Experience (KOTLC X Reader)by Cami the Bread
Edited 4/20/17: Highest Ranking: #14 in "kotlc" Search Results Do you love Keeper of the Lost Cities? Do you love Fitz, Dex, Tam, and Keefe? Do you sometim...
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Perfect ~ A Sophitz Fanfic  ✔︎ [UNDER MAJOR EDITING] by bianaeliot
Perfect ~ A Sophitz Fanfic ✔︎ [UN...by 𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐚 𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐧
~ previously called Trust Me ~ a fluffy sophitz fanfiction that takes place right after Flashback. enjoy xx (i suck at descriptions. bear with me.) ...
  • tiana
  • kotlc
  • lihn
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The Love Equation by shysunflower
The Love Equationby shysunflower
"I guess I like Foster better than you," he remarked. "In some ways, I'm sure you do."Fitz muttered lowly. Sophie blushed, eyeing them both. What wa...
  • lovetriangle
  • kotlc
  • tam
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KOTLC funny oneshots by ilovekotlc
KOTLC funny oneshotsby Anonymous
Join the keeper of the lost cities characters as they react to different topics, have some crazy adventures, and do random activities. Contains: lots of ships (Sokeefe...
  • fitzvacker
  • dlinh
  • wylie
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Sokeefe x Titanic by peachyxbitch
Sokeefe x Titanicby thrill killer 🔪
enjoy this piece of shit i wrote when i was 13 before i got wattpad lmao
  • random
  • biana
  • idkwhatimdoing
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his teal eyes: a kotlc story by hppanda8
his teal eyes: a kotlc storyby just another writer♡
after the legendary battle waged between the black swan's forces and the neverseen, sophie foster and the elves that fought alongside her are marked as the infamous team...
  • sophie
  • tamsong
  • sophitz
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Matchmaking 101 by K1222723
Matchmaking 101by Luna Lovegood
Sophie, Biana, Linh, Fitz, Keefe, Tam and Dex are all in a huge love knot. With matchmaking coming up, what will happen and who will they choose?
  • keephie
  • stina
  • kotlc
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Coach Teen Dad by ZoEy101155
Coach Teen Dadby ZoEy101155
Wylie can't get his teenage life and his dedication to his daughter, Zoey, in equal spots. He keeps skipping out on watching motocross races and practices during the spr...
  • singleparent
  • coach
  • daddysgirl
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kotlc theories And More by 3teamkeefe3
kotlc theories And Moreby moody
This book is about everything kotlc. It has theories(duh), very poorly made guessing games, my personal opinions about the series, and more. My spelling and grammar may...
  • flashback
  • lihn
  • fitz
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Keeper Of The Lost Cities Legacy by webloom
Keeper Of The Lost Cities Legacyby Avril
Sophie Foster is done trying. She has to step up her game and prove that she is not as weak as the Neverseen have made everyone believe. This is what I think will happ...
  • grady
  • edaline
  • tam
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Normal - A Sokeefe AU by SophieFoster116
Normal - A Sokeefe AUby ~KᴏᴛLC Fᴀɴ~
The story of how Sophie Foster and Keefe Sencen fell in love, and how their relationship was anything but normal. DISCLAIMER: All characters belong to Shannon Messenger...
  • tam
  • linh
  • keefe
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My KOTLC Fan Cast by B-Fried
My KOTLC Fan Castby Rebecca
Exactly as the title says👍🏻. I love KOTLC sooooo much!!! It's my all time favorite series, and I think there should be a movie (or show). But what is a movie without...
  • kotlccast
  • alvar
  • della
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They Meet: PJO KOTLC crossover  by IAmANerdYAYYY
They Meet: PJO KOTLC crossover by Just Another Nerd
KOTLC PJO crossover MAJOR SPOILERS FOR FLASHBACK! I don't know how to describe it without spoiling it, but if you want, read it. The title really says it all. Also, H...
  • wylie
  • chaos
  • fosterkeefe
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the run away moonlark by Shadow_girl_1314
the run away moonlarkby Shadow_girl_1314
fitz- sophie why did you have to leave us and why did you leaave me biana-why did you not trust me sophie if you just explained we would of understanded dex- how could y...
  • tamxmarella
  • linh
  • betral
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Sophie's Love Triangle (Sokeefe) by AltinatheKotlcfan
Sophie's Love Triangle (Sokeefe)by AltinatheWaterGirl
It all started with playing truth or dare that Sophie found out who the love of her life was. Take a crazy ride through the experience with Sophie.
  • dex
  • foster-keefe
  • blackswan
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Reacts ~  KOTLC by wizardgirl_bookworm
Reacts ~ KOTLCby Wizz
This is just some KOTLC memes and short stories I thought of... All characters (except for MINE) are owned by Shannon Messenger. Enjoy!
  • stories
  • sophie
  • wylie
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Prince's Girl by tumblrioio
Prince's Girlby Suki
Imagine this. Fitz is the heir to the throne of the lost cities. The Prince Charming that everybody wants to be with. That everyone has to think is at least a little cut...
  • love
  • sokeefe
  • cheating
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Keeper of the Mini Cities by Ligitlass
Keeper of the Mini Citiesby Fangirl geek (:
Imagine if Fitz had found Sophie when she was only six years old?
  • wylie
  • keeperofthelostcities
  • dex
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KOTLC ▸ Truth Or Dare by bianaeliot
KOTLC ▸ Truth Or Dareby 𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐚 𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐧
The 8 friends have a sleepover and play Truth or Dare after Sophie teaches them. Secrets are revealed! Crazy dares are given! This may be an experience that will change...
  • kotlc
  • keefe
  • biana
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The purple crystal by jaylee---
The purple crystalby jaylee---
It has been 100 years since the Neverseen have been defeated and life in the lost cities is finally getting back to normal. One day Linh decides now is the time to share...
  • wylie
  • tam
  • kotlc
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