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The Elf Experience (KOTLC X Reader) by StoriesInTheHowls
The Elf Experience (KOTLC X Reader)by Cami the Bread
Edited 4/20/17: Highest Ranking: #14 in "kotlc" Search Results Do you love Keeper of the Lost Cities? Do you love Fitz, Dex, Tam, and Keefe? Do you sometim...
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Reversed by missmoonlarkk
Reversedby _bianavacker_
*CONTAINS LEGACY SPOILERS FROM CHAPTER 40 AND ON* The Neverseen take Sophie's memories of all that's happened since Fitz found her and twist them to make her see the Bla...
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Reborn by sophiethetelepath
Rebornby mrs. sencen
Due to unknown reasons, Sophie Foster has just woken up in Book 1 at the museum with all her memories still intact. Now as a 12 year old, Sophie must figure out how to m...
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Every Sokeefe Moment Ever by sophiethetelepath
Every Sokeefe Moment Everby mrs. sencen
Every single Sokeefe moment, from all the books, listed by book and chapter! This will also include any time Keefe embarrasses her or teases her. Basically any cute tim...
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Keeper of the Lost Cities Truth or Dare by readerwriter6262
Keeper of the Lost Cities Truth or...by ♪ Brooks ♪
This is a Keeper of the Lost Cities fanfiction that takes place right after Exile. I've read all of the books, but I didn't want to place it after Neverseen because Soph...
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Now Starring: Humiliation! KOTLC by frqmbcise
Now Starring: Humiliation! KOTLCby inactive
What happens when 7 crazy teenagers get together and play truth or dare? An even better question, what happens when 7 crazy teenage ELVES get together and play truth or...
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Sencen twins by amaze_writer_06
Sencen twinsby amaze_writer_06
Sophie and keefe have havoc wrecking twins? What else would you expect? They are keefe's kids after all. And just wait till they grow up... All characters belong to Sha...
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Becoming Cognates||Sophitz by SailorGirl9574
Becoming Cognates||Sophitzby Maria
Sophie and Fitz are cognates, and one of the strongest duos the Elvin World has seen. Danger after danger comes their way, so can the budding romance survive? *ALL CHAR...
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For You by SharkyWater
For Youby Abby
Warning-contains light swearing Sophie's friends have gone missing. Well, they're not MISSING, just taken by the Neverseen. And that's a big deal on its own. But it's ev...
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Relive  by sophiethetelepath
Relive by mrs. sencen
Sequel to Reborn Due to unknown reasons, Sophie Foster has just woken up in Book 1 at the museum with all her memories still intact. Now as a 12 year old, Sophie must fi...
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Nightfall (KotLC) by OwlieBoo
Nightfall (KotLC)by OwlieBoo
This is my version of what would happen after the end of Lodestar. I try to keep it true to the stories and how the characters would act. I'm so excited for the actual N...
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Remembering Family by SailorGirl9574
Remembering Familyby Maria
*Spoilers* Her family was kidnapped, Amy was remembering her. Now what? *STORY LINE BELONGS TO ME* ALL CHARACTERS EXCEPT FOR MINOR ONES THAT I CREATE BELONG TO SHANNON...
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All These Years: Sophitz Oneshots by bookhoardingdragon
All These Years: Sophitz Oneshotsby Abby
Just like the title: a collection of Sophitz oneshots. Please read and review! I am not Shannon Messenger and I never will be, no matter how hard I wish. Cover by Lovero...
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After Neverseen by KeefeFoster
After Neverseenby The Cat Enthusiast
After one of Sophie's closest friends left for the Neverseen, Sophie is returning to the Lost Cities. But she is left with questions, and the only way to get answers is...
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My Keeper of the Lost Cities Dream Cast by emely679
My Keeper of the Lost Cities Dream...by Emely g
hey everyone. so I'm very obsessed with Keeper of the Lost Cities and I recently finished book 6 and I was like "ugh when are they gonna make a movie."so movie...
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Keeper of the Lost Cities~One Shots!! by aideenphoenix232
Keeper of the Lost Cities~One Shot...by Aideen Phoenix
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KotLC Oneshots by bonelessbooks
KotLC Oneshotsby 👽
-KotLC oneshots- -will take requests- (comment or dm me~~I don't do any lemon, though) -any ships- -lots of angst😈- -don't forget to vote and comment💕- -i love constru...
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kotlc book 8 wait book by book_boys_are_better
kotlc book 8 wait bookby kotlc addict
i had really high expectations for the next kotlc book and i'm not gonna lie, flashback left me disappointed, and not just ship wise. so, i made this to struggle a littl...
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Fitz's Winnowing Gala by keeperofdaftboys
Fitz's Winnowing Galaby Daftprettyboys
*contains Flashback spoilers* I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS OR THINGS IN THIS STORY IT IS JUST A FANFICTION It was finally time that Fitz picked up his first list t...
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After Lodestar by Liz090402
After Lodestarby Liz090402
Sophie Foster has gone through a rough few months. Her life has continued to tip and tilt through gaining back a close friend, discovering unknown secrets, and encounter...
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