KOTLC Headcanons

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This isn't really an x Reader thing, it's just ideas I had for the guys!



-Fitz listens to alternative rock.
-He practices acoustic guitar
-Fitz would be that one guy who remembers your entire Starbucks order, brings you back the wrong thing, then takes you back to throw the coffee at the barista.
-Watches rom coms to get a better understanding of women
-Fitz met Dex at prom, where Dex's date ditched him. Fitz offered to be Dex's slow dance partner and they ended up in the yearbook mistakenly as the Cutest Couple. (This one is my favorite.)
-Fitz is an Arch (In my Demons AU)


-Keefe's favorite artists include: Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, and Set It Off (Because he has a dark side)
-He has an art gallery that is constantly visited, and is booby-trapped to make sure nobody tries to touch his art. Or leave the gallery without paying for entry.
-He's a sleeping pill addict, being an insomniac
-Every time he wishes he had a camera to capture a moment, he paints it.
-Keefe is a hardcore flirt, but he makes sure to come home at the end of the day alone and sober.
-Keefe loves little kids, he thinks they're so adorable and precious
-If he ever had a daughter, he'd name her Avery.
-Keefe is a Trickster (In my Demons AU)
-Bi child


-Regardless what most people think of Tam, he finds joy in playing piano while blindfolded
-His typical job would be a therapist. Even if he doesn't seem like someone who cares.
-Tam writes horror/suspense novels in his free time
-Tam is the best one in the kitchen out of the five.
-His favorite orchestral piece is Moonlight Sonata No.2
-Tam chooses reading over anything else. He loves Edgar Allen Poe, Stephen King, and anything else suspenseful he can get his hands on.
-Tam is a Dream (In my Demons AU)
-Gay as hell


-Wylie has no pictures in his home. Not one. Not of himself. And not of his family.
-There are also no lights in his house. He wakes up when the sun shines through the window, and retreats into his room before the sun descends.
-Wylie doesn't have the daily desire to eat, he tends to forget he has to. His body doesn't have the need to.
-Every time a girl compliments his eye color, he blinks fast.
-Wylie helps with Special Effects and Lighting during school plays or concerts or dances.
-Wylie is an Arch (In my Demons AU)
-He's not a fan of warm color schemes, he prefers neutral and cool color schemes.
-Wylie is the oldest out of the five (since he's said to be in the Silver Tower in Lodestar)
-He's also pansexual because he's a loving chuld


-Dex always has a complex gadget on hand to fiddle with when nervous.
-His human career would be a job in high-tech security or hacking into networks (I.T.)
-Dex's clothes consist of dorky fedoras, vests, dress shirts, suspenders, skinny jeans, and FILA hightops.
-Every time he goes to buy a phone, he ends up explaining everything in the phone to the salesman
-Dex needs glasses, having a 50/25 vision
-He can go up to a week without sleeping, usually because he's always working on something.
-Dex has severe social anxiety
-In high school, during Chemistry, Dex accidentally created a substance that was the equivalent to a nuclear bomb with simple classroom items. The school was evacuated for two weeks when it spilled into the sink. He ended up popular afterwards.
-He cannot have more than a 3 sentence conversation with someone he doesn't know before he ends up having an anxiety attack
-Dex is an Inhibition (In my Demons AU)
-He's a shy bisexual. (Smol cinnamon roll)

-All five are polyromantics, meaning they are into having a relationship with more than one person simultaneously. If you have a problem with polyromantics, don't speak to me ;_;

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