Another Broken Bottle (Fitz)

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I've decided there has to be one for every guy. Tam has his. It's Fitz's turn.


Mama was a bit naïve
And her Daddy was a blinded thief
He went and stole away what was left of the remains of a family

  [YN] had always been a little distanced. She was never the happiest person. But she never failed to make others around her happy. She was a powerful [YT]. A simple benefit that was overlooked when Sophie and the others accepted her into their group of friends. Her smiles hid everything. Her laughter was a cloak. They never assumed that deep down, she wasn't okay.

  "We can go over to your place to study for Alchemy."Fitz suggested. Her [YEC] widened.

  "No!..I mean..No. My place is never clean anyways. How about we go over to Candleshade? Everglen? Rimeshire? Havenfield? Anywhere but my place. Please."She insisted, tugging on the sleeves of her tunic nervously.

  Before Keefe or Dex could protest, Fitz agreed."Yeah, we'll go over to my place. I'm sure my dad would enjoy your company again."

  It didn't bother the others that [YN] was constantly over at Everglen.

  But it did bother Fitz. He couldn't figure out why she never wanted to go home. Every time he interrogated [YN], she either burst into tears or completely avoided the question.

  "Dad, do you know anything that could possibly be wrong over at [YHN]?"Fitz asked.

  Alden slowly shook his head, the grip around the scrolls in his arms tightening. "Why?"

  Fitz hesitated before telling him.

  Nobody knew that [YN] parents constantly fought. Nobody knew she was the product of a bad match. Nobody knew the life she lived and the pain she endured.

She'd hide away behind the door she kept locked,
But the walls weren't thick enough to block out
Angry noises of the voices that once soothed her sleep

  When she did get home, she rushed to lock herself in her room. While she was at home, she didn't leave her temple of solitude. Not wanting to get caught in the crosshairs of her parents' constant verbal- and sometimes physical- battles. She missed the parents she knew as a child. Tucking her in to bed. Singing her to sleep. Making her custard bursts and ripplefluffs. Now they screamed at each other like banshees. Insults being slung through the air. This was it on a day to day basis.

  [YN] had a schedule on when they fought. And it was never planned. They just somehow found a natural way to fight at certain times of the day. Her hope dissipated years ago when she realized nothing could drown out the ungodly howls of her parents.

And she lies,
Underneath the caving roof,
And she cries,
Wondering what she can do
And she tries,
Remembering who she once knew,
They've died inside..
Another empty bottle takes a life..

  "You fucking drunkard! Just because you have access to the Forbidden Cities doesn't mean you should constantly go and get wasted!"Her mother yelled.

  There was a resonating slap that made [YN] dig her head into her pillow. But of course, it never worked. She could still hear her mother crying, collapsed against the wall as her father went to pass out on the bed from intoxication and forget everything in the morning. Like clockwork.

  Tears streamed down her face. "What could I possibly do to keep them from arguing? I've already tried.."She mumbled to herself. The family foundation of their home was crumbling. And soon enough, the minute her father walked out and slammed that door, the roof would cave in.

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