Human Music (Fitz)

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  Sophie was constantly scavenging stuff from the Forbidden Cities. Like Sophie, you were deceived to be human when you had been an elf the entire time.

  You were not genetically engineered, your parents had been Exiled for treason, attempting to violate the treaty with the ogres. However at the last moment they fled, stealing a ride to the Forbidden Cities. For the majority of your life, you had lived in the human world.

  Finding out at the last minute you were an elf broke your heart, you lost your parents as they were captured back by the Councillors.

  Sophie took you in and helped you adjust to the life of an elf, understanding how confused and scared you were.

  Mostly amazed by everything you thought was impossible.

  Your eyes wanted to go blind when you saw him however..

  You were very aware that Sophie had a crush on the boy but you couldn't keep yourself away. You didn't want to. You couldn't resist.

  The way his dark colored hair swayed in its rockstar style. His breathtaking teal eyes that shamed every diamond, amethyst, emerald, aquamarine, or sapphire. Every time he smiles, chuckles, or runs his fingers through his hair, a new bright handsome star is born.

  Today, sitting in an empty field of Havenfield, Sophie spilled the contents of her bag onto the grassy floor in the middle of your circle. Fitz sat on your right, Biana on your left, Sophie across from you with Keefe and Dex next to her, while Tam sat between Dex and Biana. Linh across from her brother between Keefe and Fitz.

  Linh took a hold of a pair of glasses. Aside from Elwin, you hadn't really seen many elves using glasses. You just figured they had perfect eyesight because well...they're elves!

  The item that caught your eye was a/an [YFC] iPod Nano sitting in the middle of a selfie stick and a Sharpie Magnum. You picked it up and examined it. Scrolling through its contents.

  The iPod looked very familiar. You looked at Sophie, confusion swirling through your [YEC] eyes, then you picked up the [YSFC] earphones.

  She smiled."I managed to steal your old iPod! I uploaded some recent songs too with Dex's help. I knew you missed home, even after the technical long while. So what better than to bring the best creation of humanity? Music!"Sophie squealed.

  You smiled widely. Music admittingly was the only thing humans haven't ruined. Even with the vulgarity and violence, humans were still letting out their emotions freely. And it was catchy!

  "Can I hear some?"Fitz suddenly asked as he peered over your shoulder. You jumped a little but forced a tiny smile.

  "Sure."You mumbled under your breath, trying to hide how nervous you were. You shook your head a little and got yourself together.

  Fitz took an earphone and plugged it into his ear, waiting with his million dollar smile. You looked into his teal eyes as you played your favorite song from back when you thought you were a human, leading a normal life.

  He began to catch onto the beat and hummed along with you. Your pupils dilated when you heard the tone of his humming. Even if he wasn't singing, it still sounded alluring.


Beyond words of description.

  The more he hummed, the more you grew weak. His head was rested on your shoulder. You felt like Fitz was doing this on purpose. He hummed louder and the sounds emitted from his throat began to tickle your skin.

  The song finally finished and you gasped with relief.

  Fitz suddenly snatched the iPod from your hand along with your earphones and didn't give them back for 15 minutes. He handed them back. You contently plugged in the earphones and listened to music as the others played with the rest of the human stuff.

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