Preferences #3

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Celebrity He's Jealous of and Their Movie Role

Fitz: Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson (PJ movies)

  You constantly comment on how gorgeous Logan looks with his sea green contacts on to play as the beloved Percy Jackson. You begged Fitz to buy you movie tickets to see Sea of Monsters. And once it came out on DVD, you made him buy The Lightning Thief and Sea of Monsters. Fitz always argues that he looks much better than him. He hates that you pay more attention to your imaginary boyfriend than your real boyfriend.

Keefe: Kian Lawley as Bean Boy (BOO! A Madea Halloween)

  Kian is hot. He is. No lie. And sometimes, it's hard when Keefe makes you choose between him and Kian. Even if you'd choose him every time. You've seen all his movies and most of his YouTube videos. And you feel a spiritual connection with Kian. Keefe isn't a verbal person like Fitz, oh no. He proves he's better...physically. ('Cuz Kian is my bae-)

Tam: Calum Hood from 5SOS

  Calum isn't an actor, but you still worship him. You've got posters, merchandise, albums. You know a lot about the singer as well. Tam doesn't argue too much, and he isn't a verbal person either. He loathes himself in silent, wishing he was like Calum. So you would love him to the full extent like he did you. He didn't even look at another girl. While you looking at a guy who was miles away hurt him more than anything.

Dex: Joseph Gordon Levitt as Edward Snowden (Snowden)

  Joseph is pretty good looking, let's admit it. You had a total fetish for smart tech guys. Which is why you had a crush on Dex in the first place. And when you finally saw Snowden, Joseph turned you on like a volcano. A smart man in a smart role. Dex saw your constant leg crossing throughout the movie and got so frustrated that midway, he left the room and locked himself in his room upstairs.

Wylie: Daveed Diggs as Thomas Jefferson/Lafayette (Hamilton)

  Let's face it, Daveed Diggs is total Daddy material. His scruff. His hair. His eyes. His smile. His lips. Everything about him is so..UGH. It gets on Wylie's nerves to hear you talking about the man who takes on two roles in a famous musical. You never stop quoting him. On top of that, you ignore Wylie to get into Daveed's Clippings music. (WHICH I HAVEN'T DONE YET, HHH.)

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