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Reincarnated As A Demon's Wife by Sheolle
Reincarnated As A Demon's Wifeby Zariyah
Zariyah Silverglaze is a reincarnated person, and as the cliche death accident, she died when she was hit by a truck. She was reincarnated in a world of sword and magic...
  • fantasy
  • adventurer
  • vampire
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Spark by amanda1930
Sparkby K.A. SAMPSON 👣
⭐2X WATTPAD FEATURED STORY⭐ Dec...2018~UndiscoveredBooks~Still being written Feb...2019~Young adult stories~Animal house ...
  • fairies
  • mysterious
  • evil
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Aide Me by PaperBlanks
Aide Meby Karin (HIATUS)
"Before I show you who I am, I want you to remember what you're fighting for," Aide replied cautiously and gave them all a piercing stare. "Keep an open m...
  • romance
  • elves
  • desire
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[ The Administrator ] by Nerodith
[ The Administrator ]by Nerodith
She used to be a bright child. She was just not fortunate enough to have a normal life. Ill and bed-ridden, she slowly lost affect and cut herself off from outer reality...
  • transmigration
  • elves
  • demihumans
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Her Darkness, His Light by sscrowned
Her Darkness, His Lightby Stephanie Jane Sebastian
"Come here" he said motioning for me to step closer. This is it! God please help me! I knew that I had to obey his every word. It was just that my body decid...
  • romance
  • darkromance
  • prince
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Reincarnated: Searching For The Key by IcealFrost
Reincarnated: Searching For The Keyby Iceal
A young girl who was treated as dirt and slashed through her throat by a muggler caused her death. She never had the chance to have any riches and a lover as far as she...
  • wolf
  • angels
  • femaleprotagonist
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Borders of the Seasons by LilacRoxy
Borders of the Seasonsby RoxyRockerz
{Before I start the description this is a story from years ago, 2 I think, but its unfinished. I might continue this story because it ends like in the middle of a 'chapt...
  • magic
  • old
  • borders
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Sage Flower by Hobbit_Hole
Sage Flowerby Sierrah Walter
just a book idea I wanted to work on. inspired by The Hobbit trilogy and the LoTR trilogy and all of J.R.R. Tolkien's work.
  • elves
  • elf
  • dwarf
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Beyond Her Dreams: The Dying Kingdom by user14045703
Beyond Her Dreams: The Dying Kingd...by ALL13_CAT
A young girl starts having peculiar, life-like dreams of a place she's never been to.. or so she thought. The more she dreams of this place the more knowledge she gets a...
  • elves
  • scifi
  • fantasyadventure
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Alyster Greymare: Demon of the Night by BoneSnap
Alyster Greymare: Demon of the Nig...by BoneSnap
Alyster is a human. A human is something very expendable in the world of Elves, Dwarfs, Dragons.etc. Alyster is a very different human, he cannot go a second without pun...
  • dwarves
  • mystery
  • elves
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All Is Fair In War and Love by AngelFish20
All Is Fair In War and Loveby K Fish, Fishy K, Fishy Fish
A Winter Prince, A Wildfire... A Spring Blossom, And A Summer Rose will hunt down the Queen, for ways of good and for a promise to uphold. But...Shadow Demons and Angel...
  • betrayal
  • sad
  • sarcastic
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The Inescapable by Eudoxia_Falavore
The Inescapableby Eudoxia Falavore
The two had never met before, but they knew each other. They exchanged not one word, but when they spoke, they spoke together. In his hand, a deep gash dripped blood, an...
  • vision
  • elves
  • fantasy
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Elven Adventure by EnderWish
Elven Adventureby EnderWish
At the age of 15, Ben Fenrick and Jack Hocksin must take the quest to the dwarven mountains to learn the secrets of blacksmithing and other secrets. But there is talk of...
  • dwarfs
  • elves
  • fantasy
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Acanthus's Adventure by AmandaJayPlacke
Acanthus's Adventureby Amanda Jay Placke
Acanthus the faerie is sent on an adventure by the Faerie King and Queen and her life is changed forever.
  • king
  • river
  • fairies
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❈A Hero to Save the Land❈ by ObsidianGlowstone
❈A Hero to Save the Land❈by ♔Cleopatra♔
*•*~Her aura was a deep indigo, imposing darkness. He shone of golden magic, a hero to save the land.~*•*
  • shortstory
  • elves
  • random
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I'm With You by mmc0607
I'm With Youby M. Marie
Marcella has never felt as if she could be like one of the heroines in her vast collections of adventure books. She's always believed it would be her badass best friend...
  • latina
  • projectwomanup
  • fiction
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Brumaire by Doxiecube
Brumaireby Doxiecube
A girl gets taken to a magical world, how will she learn to live in this new place?
  • sorccerors
  • fairies
  • original
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Envedonia by Keyceah
Envedoniaby Keyceah
On one island in the Infinite Ocean is situated a very large kingdom - The Kingdom of Envedonia. There is one girl, she is beautiful and brave, but she is different. Nob...
  • dragons
  • magic
  • wizard
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Legend of Warlords by deathbyplatypus
Legend of Warlordsby Renn
Sophie has always been into gaming. With her parents almost always out of the house, she usually has everything possible to with games 24/7. The games give her a life sh...
  • sophie
  • mmo
  • charlie
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Of Roses and Thorns by LavenderFrostbite
Of Roses and Thornsby Sam
Beautiful as a rose, sharp as a thorn. Dealus has always been an enigma to all who knew her, including the boy who's loved her from afar for as long as he can remember...
  • thorns
  • war
  • world
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