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The General's Wife by kakpie291203
The General's Wifeby kakpie291203
Jade-Lily Bo'ehr is the wife of the General of the army of Tsuchengko. Everyone is in danger due to a growing rebel army, the Gongjensu, that threaten not only them, bu...
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The Black Taint #1 ✓ by Kiahni_C
The Black Taint #1 ✓by Kiahni Chae
❝ An exile should remember that they will die in these lands and there is nothing they can do but fight. ❞ [complete | editors' pick | featured in dark fantasy | book 1]...
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 ChaoS  by shattura_2
ChaoS by Shattura Grant
Angel Dark is a lowly omega of Midnight Rain Pack. After the brutal murder of her parents she still remain the cheerful girl without hate and resentment towards her pack...
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In Exile by DarkHell616
In Exileby Hell
Like each possible King before him, Loki is temporarily exiled to another realm. Powerless on Midgard but still living in luxury he must learn lessons on humility and ha...
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The crossdressing vilainess by rowaneve
The crossdressing vilainessby rowaneve
Book 1: A girl is reincarnated as a villainess of one of the longest otome games ever. One problem, she has to cross dress, though maybe that isn't that big of a problem...
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Every Sokeefe Moment Ever by sophiethetelepath
Every Sokeefe Moment Everby mrs. sencen
Every single Sokeefe moment, from all the books, listed by book and chapter! This will also include any time Keefe embarrasses her or teases her. Basically any cute tim...
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The Elf Experience (KOTLC X Reader) by StoriesInTheHowls
The Elf Experience (KOTLC X Reader)by Cami the Bread
Edited 4/20/17: Highest Ranking: #14 in "kotlc" Search Results Do you love Keeper of the Lost Cities? Do you love Fitz, Dex, Tam, and Keefe? Do you sometim...
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As long as she lives by Zeeemibs
As long as she livesby Zeeemibs
She promised to oust out any competition. She is decisive and ruthless. And yes, she must be the only wife and love of the young emir. Unfortunately, Aaidah made it into...
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Reborn by sophiethetelepath
Rebornby mrs. sencen
Due to unknown reasons, Sophie Foster has just woken up in Book 1 at the museum with all her memories still intact. Now as a 12 year old, Sophie must figure out how to m...
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THE YOUNG WORLD ▹ KOTLC ✗ by theunmappedstar
THE YOUNG WORLD ▹ KOTLC ✗by (소피) 𝔰𝔬𝔭𝔥𝔦𝔢
❛ THEY SAID THE WHOLE CITY HAS GONE DOWNHILL ❜ the neverseen finally waged war on the lost cities. when it becomes too violent and unsafe - the elvin world teetering on...
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Sencen twins (COMPLETED!!) by amaze_writer_06
Sencen twins (COMPLETED!!)by amaze_writer_06
Sophie and keefe have havoc wrecking twins? What else would you expect? They are keefe's kids after all. And just wait till they grow up... 125 parts All characters bel...
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The Deadly Gifts by wordweaving
The Deadly Giftsby A. N. Davis
ONGOING ** After her grandmother dies Luke is adopted by a wealthy family. The girl quickly catches on that nothing is as it seems in her new home. When she learns about...
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Blood-tied Lies by WinterWolf14905
Blood-tied Liesby Winter Wolf
Left in the dark for fifteen years, Novia learns a terrible secret about her past. Her mother, a powerful enchantress, has kept many things from her and it's time to unc...
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Keeper of the Lost Cities Truth or Dare by readerwriter6262
Keeper of the Lost Cities Truth or...by ♪ Brooks ♪
This is a Keeper of the Lost Cities fanfiction that takes place right after Exile. I've read all of the books, but I didn't want to place it after Neverseen because Soph...
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The Awakening of the Vampire Princess by MaskedAuthor
The Awakening of the Vampire Princ...by Nina
This princess is about to find out her powers aren't as harmless as they seen. Amber Young was an outcast at school and got badly bullied. Darcy her sister also convince...
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Scars by inkNquill
Scarsby ink
In the werewolf world mates can be sensed from infancy. And once found even in childhood they are cherished. The lucky ones experience all of their firsts with their sou...
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Runaway and Later to Return 《✔》 by LightFuryRider
Runaway and Later to Return 《✔》by InActive
Hiccup gets to kill the Monstrous Nightmare but doesn't want to since he's afraid that Toothless will leave him. Hiccup decides to leave when Astrid chases him through t...
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Remembering Family by SailorGirl9574
Remembering Familyby Maria
*Spoilers* Her family was kidnapped, Amy was remembering her. Now what? *STORY LINE BELONGS TO ME* ALL CHARACTERS EXCEPT FOR MINOR ONES THAT I CREATE BELONG TO SHANNON...
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EXILE by ChaosofFenrir
EXILEby ♡Bastet♡
When Hiccup is taken from Berk, he discovers that he has a strange connection with dragons. Fleeing from this revelation, Hiccup tries even harder to be a normal Viking...
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KotLC Unlocked by Theballadofboandro
KotLC Unlockedby A person
This book takes place right after Legacy, and it's just a continuation of it! Since Unlocked has not come out yet, this is just what I think/ want to happen. The fanfict...
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