Preferences #1

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Their Favorite Part of You

Fitz: Fitz is in love with your intellect. He loves how your face lights up when you figure out a puzzle or problem in a way you never would've imagined. On top of that, it means that you and him can keep a strong lasting conversation. Your last conversation lasted 8 hours!

Keefe: Keefe adores your sense of humor. Whether it comes in sarcasm or jokes about dead people, you can always seem to get him to crack a smile in the darkest of times. He hopes to never lose you, because he's not prepared to laugh at the joke you use for your breakup.

Tam: Tam loves how you're so timid around him. The typical "and the lion fell in love with the lamb" scenario seems to make Tam gush at how much it relates to the two of you. Although you're not afraid of him, he thinks it's adorable when you jump and say "I think I saw the shadow move."

Dex: Your heart. Dex couldn't live without you. Even when a gadget backfires and gets you hurt in some way, he loves that you forgive him instantly and never get mad at him. He has never taken your kindness for granted or taken advantage of it.

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