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Sokeefe Oneshots by EllenH2006
Sokeefe Oneshotsby Dr.Sherlock
The title says it all! This is a Sokeefe Oneshot book. Also, this is my first time writing one so...ya. Please feel free to give me some critique or helpful comments to...
  • tam
  • friends
  • keefe
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KOTLC "Choose em'" Oneshots by sherlockiantacokeefe
KOTLC "Choose em'" Oneshotsby Elizabeth
One shots that you tell me to write. There are "plots" you can choose from to let me know what to write.
  • kiana
  • neverseen
  • song
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Because of a Mistake | Boa2 | KotLC Fanfic [UNDER MAJOR EDITING] by NuelaChik
Because of a Mistake | Boa2 | Gingela
[Second book in the "Because of a" (Boa) KotLC fanfiction series] mistake [noun]: /mis-take/ an action or judgment that is misguided or wrong. ~*~ Sophie a...
  • neverseen
  • shannonmessenger
  • sophitz
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The Elf Experience (KOTLC X Reader) by StoriesInTheHowls
The Elf Experience (KOTLC X Reader)by Cami the Bread
Edited 4/20/17: Highest Ranking: #14 in "kotlc" Search Results Do you love Keeper of the Lost Cities? Do you love Fitz, Dex, Tam, and Keefe? Do you sometim...
  • fanfiction
  • elf
  • exile
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The Depths Of A Broken Mind by sherlockiantacokeefe
The Depths Of A Broken Mindby Elizabeth
Sophie and Fitz have been ever growing apart. Their cognate bond is faltering, and they have to fight emotional and physical battles to overcome this. Then when a terror...
  • shannonmessenger
  • swansong
  • wattys2018
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KOTLC One Shots by sherlockiantacokeefe
KOTLC One Shotsby Elizabeth
Sophitz, Sodex, Sokeefe and more KOTLC ships in form of one shots.
  • blackswan
  • neverseen
  • dex
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Reversed by missmoonlarkk
Reversedby _bianavacker_
The Neverseen take Sophie's memories of all that's happened since Fitz found her and twist them to make her see the Black Swan as the bad cause and the Neverseen as the...
  • sophiefoster
  • bianavacker
  • neverseen
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After Effects by tapqueen101
After Effectsby Grace
Book Four in Series: (1) Mysterious Miss. F, (2) President of the Sophie Foster Fanclub, (3) Light in Their Eyes It ended with Sophie entering the void. It started with...
  • neverseen
  • fitz
  • danger
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KOTLC- Short Stories by xumillia
KOTLC- Short Storiesby ✶Ordnance✶
Series of short stories, One Shots, fluff, reacts, etc... Some are funny, sad, cute, interesting, et cetera... all with different ships and characters. Some even inclu...
  • litz
  • keeperofthelostcities
  • sokeefe
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Forever  Now -- a sophitz fanfic by Moonlark27
Forever Now -- a sophitz fanficby KAITLYN THOMPSON
Sophie and Fitz have just one secret left to share, but neither seems to want to say it. Jealousy and fights are bound to happen with some friends, but it will all turn...
  • keeper
  • neverseen
  • sophitz
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A sophitz fanfic by demigod_warrior
A sophitz fanficby Just another demigod
Ok after Nightfall I am a Sophitz shipper. This is just a little fanfic after Nightfall. In no way am I Shannon Messenger or trying to steal characters, it's just someth...
  • keeperofthelostcities
  • blackswan
  • dex
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Why So Lonely//Bang Yedam by herxaestaetic
Why So Lonely//Bang Yedamby Her
"I don't believe in Bad Luck, but I believe that you were only given a million misfortunes so you can have a billion blessings." Started: 2018.4.7 Finished: 20...
  • trainee
  • jeonwoong
  • bangyedam
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Sophitz~Fan Fiction by AasiraLife
Sophitz~Fan Fictionby Asa♥️
*Disclaimer this takes place at the end of Nightfall with a different ending* There will be new characters and before you ask it isn't someone who will enter the love tr...
  • danger
  • sophitz
  • love
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KOTLC Legacy Fanfiction (A Fitzphie story) by FitzphieForLife
KOTLC Legacy Fanfiction (A KOTLC Lover
Sophie just finds out that she is unmatchable. She doesn't know what to do and how to tell the person she wants to be with the most. Will she ever get to be with him? Th...
  • fitzphie
  • legacy
  • linh
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The Selection - KOTLC X THE SELECTION SERIES by theriyab
The Selection - KOTLC X THE riya is amaz
Hi guys! I spent a lot of time planning all of this out, therefore a vote and comment would be appreciated :) I DO NOT OWN THE NAMES/CHARACTERS (they belong to Shannon M...
  • sophiefoster
  • sokeefe
  • keeperofthelostcities
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Light It Up | ✔ | #2 by crayonowl
Light It Up | ✔ | #2by ᴏᴡʟ:☽
This is a Sequel to Set A Torch To Flame. I, of course, would recommend reading that first, but it will work as a stand alone story if you wish. I hope you enjoy! Note:...
  • kotlc
  • sophiefoster
  • linhsong
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Into the Light by Leaveth
Into the Lightby *Insert Name Here*
When Dex washed up on the shores of Havenfield alone, everyone assumed Sophie Foster was dead. For three years, Sophie has remained in hiding with the Black Swan, attend...
  • keefe
  • foster-keefe
  • cities
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Sophie Foster's Family by FieryHorse
Sophie Foster's Familyby lils
Percy and Annabeth Jackson were going to have a family. Their excitement was boiling over, of the thought of having their own child. A little girl. But a fatal blow has...
  • camphalfblood
  • forkle
  • dexdizznee
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Keeper of the Lost Cities: a Robin Hood AU by readstoomuch53546
Keeper of the Lost Cities: a Meels On Wheels
In the town of Havenfield, things are not looking up for the resident elves. The country of the Lost Cities is ruled by a heartbroken and cruel ruler, Prince Brant, whil...
  • linhsong
  • tamsong
  • bianavacker
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Keeper Of The Lost Cities Legacy by webloom
Keeper Of The Lost Cities Legacyby Avril
Sophie Foster is done trying. She has to step up her game and prove that she is not as weak as the Neverseen have made everyone believe. This is what I think will happ...
  • book8
  • betrayal
  • prentice
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