Death of A Bachelor (Keefe)

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  Keefe sipped at his cup of coffee, looking at it weirdly when he realized he forgot sugar. It was so bitter, why did the elf world even adopt this from the humans?

  He shook his head and sighed, ripping open a sugar packet and spilling sugar into his coffee. He stirred slowly, his gaze wandering to the empty seat in front of him. Keefe gently grinned to himself. The seat was empty everyday. Unless some girl came and tried to impress him. He quite enjoyed his single life.

  He never listened to the comments others made about the single scene. How it was unbelievably lonely.

  He loved not waking up to some girl whining about how his clothes were everywhere. Or hearing a screech because she accidentally creased her high heels.

  Of course, Keefe didn't know he was looking at the stereotypical girl..or basically just saying he was glad he was not dating Biana.(I'm so mean- I'm just bitter because she has a crush on Keefe-)

  He stared down at his coffee boredly, slowly stirring it. He jumped as he heard the chair squeak in front of him.

  Keefe glanced up, about to say something to the person who rudely took the seat at his table that was happily unoccupied.

  But he stopped himself short when he saw a girl about a year younger than him.

  She was wearing reading glasses, which was odd because not many elves wore them. Her eyes were a brilliant [YEC] that sparkled in the light of the sun that shone through the window. Her [YHL] [YHC] was in a messy bun. He looked closer and his eyes widened as he saw that the item holding the bun in place was actually her family crest.

  It sure didn't look like a normal hairpin.

  She looked up from her book and her coffee. Her cheeks flushed red quickly and she chewed her bottom lip."Oh gosh. I'm so sorry! I didn't see you here. And this was the only empty seat.."She apologized profusely, although it was more of a shy mumble.

  Keefe forced a smile. But he found the longer he held it, the more meaning it was given. He quickly wiped it off his face. Remember Keefester, you're single. Everyone wants you. Nobody can have you. Don't give yourself away gratis..This isn't a charity.

  "It's alright. If this really is the only seat, you might as well have it. I'm Keefe Sencen by the way."He introduced, a charming tight-lipped smirk pranced onto his lips.

  Her eyes widened and her once ginger smile followed."Sencen? As in Cassius Sencen's son?"She gaped. He nodded slowly.

  "Oh my gosh! I love his books on Empathy and the works of an Empath. They're so cool. I mean, I'm a [YT] myself. But his books still interest me. I enjoy reading about your father's perspectives on his own ability! You're so lucky!"She machine-gunned.

  Keefe's mutual enthusiasm faded the minute the decent-looking stranger said she loved his father. He lost interest quickly, mainly from his remaining distaste of his father.

  " wouldn't say that if you were his kid and you admired your freedom."He remarked rather coldly.


  "Yes. Of course. I was under his dictatorial reign for all my life, I know what I'm talking about."He took a sip from his coffee, grumbling to himself from behind the cup.

  She chuckled nervously."Sorry for jumping to conclusions."Keefe arched an eyebrow. She sure does apologize a lot, doesn't she?

  It was quiet for a few seconds. A silence he cherished deeply."You know, you've got this lonely aura. The shadows that cover most of your face from your fringe makes you look.."She trailed off."..empty."

  An insulted look crossed the Empath's face and he glared at her.

  She wasn't the first to remark such a thing. And he had a feeling there would never be a last.

  "You feel very nervous to be around me.."He inquired, eyes narrowed like he was investigating her soul using intimidation.

  She started to shiver like a deer facing an unmoving hunting dog.

  "Uh.."She stared down at his hands on the table.

   They were pulled towards him and nowhere near her.

   A strand of her [YHC] hair fell into her face. She stood up hastily and gathered her stuff.

  "I-I have to go. It was nice to meet you, Keefe."She stuttered.

  "I never even caught your name, love."Keefe stood up, towering a good few inches over the girl.

  "The names [YN]."She quickly left, feeling her personal space intruded by his penetrating stare as it followed her out of the café.

  She looked back at him, and Keefe didn't have to feel her emotions to know she felt defeated. He tilted his head a little to the side like a cute puppy and used his index fingers to make a gesture that insisted she smile. [YN] hesitated, but offered a small curve on her lips although her defeat pulled down her soul so.

  She walked off finally, and Keefe nearly felt like he was tangled in the loose hairstrands of her messy bun, compelled to follow as he watched her walk into another store.


  He smiled a little and noticed she left her coffee on the table. Keefe grabbed the cup and stared into it for a good 10 minutes.

  There was nothing inside the cup.

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