Blind Date (Dex)

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  I know you guys hate me, and I hate inserting myself. Because...raise your hand if your entire library is nothing but X Readers. Nobody? Exactly.

  Think of them as around the age group of seniors.

   My hands nervously gripped the steering wheel as we came to a red light. I was donned in a [FC] silk dress that hugged my curves and let loose at my waistband. My [YHC] hair was held up by a hummingbird pin that my friend, who was sitting on her phone next to me, gifted me for my birthday.

  "Nervous?"She hummed, her brown eyes examining the sweat forming on the wheel and the whiting of my knuckles.

  I nodded."Calm down. Keefe knows the guy. It's not like I'd set you up with some pedophile or sex offender."

  I huffed."Cami, it's not that. I mean, your boyfriend is an elf. That means his friend is an elf. And you told me elves are naturally attractive. What if he doesn't like me because I'm not good looking? Or because I'm a human?"

  She shrugged silently. She wasn't one to comfort others, since she had her own sense of insecurity. I needed to calm down and fast.

  The light turned green and I accelerated.

  I grabbed my iPod and plugged it into the AUX chord of my radio. I put on Sarcasm by Get Scared in Nightcore. The minute the first few words had been said, Cami pulled out the iPod from the AUX chord and tossed the electronic out the window.

  I stared at her incredulously.

  "One, I fucking hate Nightcore. You had that coming. Two, I'll just buy you a phone. And three..that used to be my favorite song. Now?"

  She pulled out my iPod Shuffle that was in my glove compartment. Cami then pulled out a small bottle of AXE. Why she had it, I have no idea. She then pulled out a lighter. She lit my iPod Shuffle on fire, then casually tossed it out the window as well.

  I stared forward, watching the road as we drove."You're very helpful."

  "Don't worry, I'll give you a blow job when we get home to feel better."

  "I don't have a dick."

  "Are we sure-"

  I smacked her arm and she burst into fits of laughter. We pulled into the restaurant, seeing Keefe at the front waiting for us. I didn't see anyone accompanying him. My lips curled into a frown and I massaged my [YHC] locks.

  "Heyo!"She chirped. She gave him a peck on the lips and he tried to deepen it. But she mussed his hair up in order to pull away. Keefe pulled away and cried in despair.

  I smiled nervously, silently enjoying the playful display between the two lovebirds. Keefe looked over at me and I finally noticed what the elf looked like.

  His ears had small points, beginning to sharpen. Must've meant he was sorta old. Or getting near there. He had perfectly styled blonde hair, down to the last tip. But it was ruined now, of course. His eyes were a stunning ice blue, glittering and full of life when he looked down at the tan girl. His skin was fairly white, not pale but fair. His smile was wide and gorgeous.

  Cami was right, elves were natural models. He seemed all pure, no plastic surgery.

  I wondered how Cami managed to snag him. Not as an insult. But because I'd need tips.

  A flash of light went off before Keefe could ask me my name.

  "Sorry I'm late! Rex, Bex, and Lex were holding me down for something, I don't know."A rich voice ripped through the silence.

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