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Author-chan giggled like an insane happy person when she wrote the title for this.

How can I possibly giggle at this. It's like I'm putting my favorite imaginary boyfriend on a stick and dipping him into a steaming pot of glorious gayness-


  [YN] was Keefe Sencen's best friend. They did everything together. They practiced their talents together. They played base quest together. They even defied their parents together. Keefe had been searching for a new best friend after Fitz decided to spend more time with Sophie and he didn't necessarily like Dex too much.

  [YN] was amazing. He had [YHL] [YHC] hair in [YHS]. He was a [YT] and was in [YFL]. (*casually fills this in for Harry Styles*)

  Keefe's favorite part about [YN] was that they were nearly the same height. Only Keefe was a tad bit taller/shorter. (*imagines dom!Harry and sub!Keefe* I'm gonna cry-)

  "Keefe! Bro!"[YN] called into Candleshade. Keefe's eyes widened and he stuck his head out of his room door. He plopped himself onto the stairs and watched as it only took a second to be placed right in front of his best friend.

  [YN] grinned his gorgeous white grin at Keefe, making the Empath a little jittery. Even though [YN] was smiling, Keefe could feel his uneasiness.

  "You know, you should never hide your emotions from an Empath. We might not see it, but we can still feel it."Keefe deadpanned.

  [YN]'s proud smile faded. He looked down at his hands. "I don't know what you're talking about Keefe. Let's go, Fitz and Sophie invited us to play base quest."He muttered, eyebrows furrowed.

  As he walked out the door, Keefe jumped and grabbed [YN]'s hand. He had no second thoughts. He was bombarded by the male elf's negative feelings and they almost sucked him under. Keefe locked gazes with his friend's [YEC] hues, seeing the pain he felt shine through them plain like the sun in the sky.

  For [YN], Keefe didn't have to be a Telepath to know what was on his mind. His eyes told him everything, a window to his deepest secrets, fears, sorrows, and regrets. [YN] tried to pull his hand away but to no avail. He collapsed against his best friend in a heap of tears.

  "Lora broke up with me."He cried. At this point, Keefe could tell [YN] didn't care about being embarrassed because of crying.


  "She said I hung out too much with you. I never paid attention to her. I thought she was the one Keefe!"

  Keefe growled a little.

  He never liked Lora. She always gave him dirty looks and hogged [YN] all to herself. He knew she wasn't the one.

  As Keefe examined [YN] sobbing against his chest, he realized something that disturbed him something fierce. He never approved of any of his girlfriends. Not a single one. He always said there was something wrong with them. Personality wise, ability wise, even appearance wise sometimes! But [YN] never listened once.

  And now his heart was torn 101 ways.

  What disturbed him wasn't how he never liked any of his girlfriends. He was disturbed because he couldn't figure out why.

  He was pulled out of his contradicting thoughts by [YN]'s agonizing wails. "Please strangle me, Keefe. You said you're my friend, right? Then do me a solid and kill me right here. Put me out of my misery."He heaved.

  Keefe rapidly shook his head and felt tears welling up in his own eyes.

  "No. That's not a real friend. Live..Live for yourself, Lora was a terrible person and didn't deserve you anyways."He whispered, cooing into his ear.

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