The Most Important Job (Dex)

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I spent 4 hours back to back reading Nightfall the other night. The inspiration after almost a year has returned my children.

Imma delete all my irrelevant authors notes too


  "Stupid cache!" Dex seethed as he tossed it across his room. His periwinkle blue eyes were framed by big dark circles, the frustration laced his pretty irises.

  You frowned softly, watching the stress and anger well up in him. The frustration wasn't with Fintan's cache, it was with himself.

  "Dex calm down.." You murmured, wanting to reach out and cup his face. But you refrained. Reluctantly.

  He ran his fingers through his strawberry blonde hair, not daring to look at you. He was taking this much harder than the others perceived. Perhaps he just needed a break from trying to crack the passwords to the cache. Bronte couldn't figure it out. Neither could he. They were spending too much brainpower.

  Dex sat down at his desk. Head in his hands. "[YN] it's just not fair.." He finally said, his voice quivering.

  You tilted your head. "What.. What's not fair, Dex." You pulled up a chair to sit next to him but he swerved his body away.

  He'd been rather.. receded lately. You didn't know why but he was avoiding you and Sophie.

  You wanted to ask why but at the same time you felt it wasn't your place to ask for the answer.

  "I always have to stay behind while they go on cool missions or fight things." He droned. "Sophie always says "your job is the most important job" as if she's trying to convince me I'm not being tossed aside by being consistent with her reasoning."

  You grimaced softly. "Well she's right Dex.. your job is the most-"

  "IMPORTANT JOB, I KNOW. IT'S ALWAYS THE SAME… BULLSHIT!" He swore, having a small pause as he searched for the right word.

  You anxiously brushed your [HC] hair from your face, averting your [EC] gaze to the cache strewn on the floor across the room.

  Sighing, you stood up, using your telekinesis to bring the cache over.

  You held it tight in your hands. This small thing was giving someone you loved so dearly so much grief. Part of you wished you could smash it and that'd be the end. The other part wanted to help him and Bronte crack the passwords. But you had no clue what that could possibly be. Or where to start.

  "You need a break." You hummed, setting the cache aside.

  Dex glanced up, looking at you like you'd gone loony. "Break? We don't have time for breaks, we need to open that cache, all time is valuable time. If we don't get close to opening it-" He blabbed until you put your hand over his lips.

  You smiled, shaking your head. "You haven't gotten one inch closer to opening it in the first place. You've been too stressed. It warrants a break.. c'mon, just give in." You insisted, gazing at him intently.

  His freckled cheeks seemed to flush a hint of rose for ever just a second. And then his dimples made themselves present.

  "Okay [YN], okay. But if Bronte decides to punish me for taking a break, you have to suffer too." Dex chuckled, standing up.

  You shrugged nonchalantly. "Why not. After all the emotional suffering you've endured, its only fair someone shares it with you."

  That made him smile a little. For whatever reason he wasn't sure. But hearing that you wanted to share with him the burden of being what felt like forgotten gave the whole situation a sense of comfort. One he'd missed very much.

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