Hangovers (Poly!Team Keeper)

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Ouo, this includes; Dex, Fitz, Keefe, Tam, and Wylie. 'Cuz you ballin' gurl.

Poly = Polygamy

Polygamy: The practice of having more than one wife, originated from Mormons...as far as I know.

If you think polygamy is gross, then you think Author-Chan is weird. And you can skip this if you want. Even though there's a lot of fluff.


  You woke with a start on the couch. Your [YHC] hair stuck out like a mane, untameable. You sighed and sat up, seeing the empty bottles of Corona scattered about your quaint apartment. You held your head, wincing as you staggered forward. You took two more steps and tripped over someone.

  You looked down, seeing your chocolate-skinned boyfriend snoring on the floor. You turned on your back, propping yourself up on your elbows. You nudged Wylie with your foot. Waiting for him to wake up."Wyles. Wake up."You whispered.

  "DEX ISN'T WAKING UP."Keefe screamed as he kicked down the kitchen door.

  Wylie jumped to his feet, vaulting over the couch to tower over Keefe. His bright blue eyes gazed down at the blonde, whose cheeks flushed a deep shade of scarlet. "I've got a life to save."Wylie said lowly.

  You watched Wylie walk into the kitchen. Lights flashed under the door, and you later heard him yell "CLEAR!"

  Fitz walked in from the bedroom, a crazy case of bedhead riddling his dark hair. He yawned and looked at you standing next to a panicking Keefe.

  "How are my babies doing today?"He said, his morning voice deep and sexily husky. He pecked you on the cheek and ruffled Keefe's blonde hair before giving him a kiss on the nose.

  Wylie came back into the living room, a dazed Dex in his arms. "My dark knight in shining armor."The Technopath slurred.

  You shook your head. Your boyfriends would someday be the death of you.

  Having no recollection of what happened last night, you raked your fingers through your unruly hair and breathed into your cupped hand, smelling your rank breath."I'm gonna go wash my teeth. I'll be back in a few."You hummed, heading upstairs.

  You opened the door, coming face to face with a steaming Tam, a towel wrapped around his waist. He smiled down at you while you tried to avoid his gaze, blushing heavily."I heard Dex passed out cold last night. Lucky I'm the only sober one here, huh?"Tam commented, shaking water droplets from his silver tipped bangs.

You cocked a brow at the statement."After you blacked out on the couch, I made sure Dex didn't drink so much he got alcohol poisoning. I'm not letting my boyfriend die because he likes how alcohol tastes."Tam explained.

  You massaged your temples, still having a rocking headache. Tam noticed this, examining you with his silvery blue eyes.

  "Take a shower, wash your hair and wash your teeth. I'll go downstairs and make you guys some soup."Tam decided, frowning.

  You smiled lightly at his caring side, hugging his bare torso."Thanks Tam."

  "No problem, babygirl."

Timeskip after shower

  You dried your hair and pulled on one of Wylie's hoodies as well as some black leggings. When you got out of the bedroom you shared with two of the boys (there was a schedule of which three slept in the room every night), you smelled something absolutely delicious.

  You slid down the stair rail to get down faster, seeing Dex, Fitz, and Keefe sharing the couch and a green blanket, watching Phantom of the Opera. Wylie was probably in the kitchen with Tam. You opened the door to the kitchen and the smell overwhelmed you.

  Wylie was actually making out with Tam next to the stove, a ladle lazily gripped in Tam's left hand. You cleared your throat and they separated. Tam's hair was a bit tossed, Wylie was blushing heavily."I uh, came to check on the food."You said.

  The dark-skinned elf nodded at you, brushing a strand of your [YHC] hair from your face as he walked over."Sorry. He just looked so cute cooking. He's like the woman of the house rather you. In fact, you never cook. It's always Tam."Wylie chuckled, wagging his finger at you.

  "Shut up."You and Tam said in sync. He shook his head and left.

  You skipped over to the stove, looking into the large pot. You inhaled the smell as much as you could, sighing contentedly.

  "Chicken ramen noodles? Really Tam?"You joked. He punched your shoulder.

  "Yeah, with some other spices here and there. But don't make fun of me. You don't even cook here. I do everything."Tam stuck his tongue out like a 4 year old.

  "Andre what a splendid party!"You heard Dex chime.

  You looked back to the living room, looking confused."Oh dear. They love this part."Tam griped, stirring the soup slowly. You looked at the spices splayed across the table. Most of them looked delicious. You went over to dip your finger into the soup when you heard synchronized singing.


  "Sit! You need to rest after the massive drinking yesterday."Wylie scolded.

  You exchanged glances with Tam. He pulled your hand away from the pot.

  "There's no need for that, it's already done."He hummed. He grabbed his trusty ladle and some bowls.

  All of your bowls were color-coded in the house. Color coded to decipher whose bowl was whose. Your bowl was a bright [YFC]. Keefe's was teal. Dex's were red. Fitz's were teal. Tam's were black or silver. And Wylie was that one weird adult so he had rainbow bowls. Tam filled the bowls to the brim with his delicious cooking, the scent thick in the room. Tam opened the kitchen door and whistled for the others to come in and eat. The boys flooded into the kitchen.

  You sat down at the opposite end of the table to Wylie, Keefe opposite to Fitz next to Dex. Keefe shoveled the soup into his mouth, not seeming to mind how hot it was. He moaned in ecstasy.

  "It's so good."He whined after swallowing. Keefe scooped up the bowl into his hands and started slurping noisily, the others staring at him oddly.

  You giggled and sipped at your spoon, savoring the flavor.

  Tam circled the table, watching everyone eat. He kissed their foreheads before walking over to snuggle you, kissing your cheek.

  "Keefe! Be quiet. You're making a mess on the table."Tam scolded as the Empath slowly set down the bowl.

  Wylie reached over and swiped away a drop of soup lingering on his chin. Keefe playfully nipped at his finger before smiling sheepishly at Tam.

  "It's wonderful, honey. This is why you cook. Because we can't make this heaven."Fitz complimented, being his regal self. Dex rolled his eyes and tickled Fitz, who jumped and screeched before reaching over to tickle Dex back.

  This was your life. With your five boyfriends. And you wouldn't have it any other way.


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