Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (Dex)

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Who else saw this stupid ass movie? It was so amazing.


  You were sitting in your room, staring intently at the TV.

  "Whatcha doin'?"Dex asked. Your elf best friend always found a way to get to you. Whether it meant stealing some light leaping crystals or convincing Sophie to teleport him to the Forbidden Cities.

  You played with your [YHC] hair, snickering a little."Watching Popstar."You replied. He sat down next to you, looking at the TV.

I'm not gay, but if I was,
I would want equal rights,
I'm not gay!
But if I were, I would marry who I like,
It's not fair!

  Dex looked at you in confusion. You laughed hysterically."It's a mockumentary. It's hilarious. Just watch. Shh."You held his hand, squeezing it tightly.

  Dex flashed his dimples as he smiled at your hand grasping his.


  "Incredible thoughts, incredible minds! I'm so overwhelmed, how did my brain conceive them?"You two sang together, laughing happily together.

  "My name is Mr.Fish! These guys' thoughts have granted my wish, oh yeaah!"Dex mocked with his perfect elf voice.

  You stared at him dreamily. His dimples were incredibly sexy, you hadn't noticed until then.

  Connor was making his voiceover speech after the song. Dex turned to look at you, his periwinkle blue eyes locking with your bright [YEC] hues. You leaned forward and locked lips, caressing his freckled cheeks with your gentle hand.

  Your other hand got tangled in his strawberry blonde hair.

  "WOAH HO HO! That backstage manager lady totally just macked on Owen! Do they know each other or something?"Connor suddenly burst in the movie.

  You pulled away from Dex, your face red. You had completely embarrassed yourself. At least you thought so. Dex looked between you and the TV. He sighed. Seeing how embarrassed you were.

  He smirked and pulled you to your feet at the ending credits. "Let me see you Donkey Roll!" He teased.

  You couldn't help but dance along, laughing at how terrible Dex's Donkey Roll was. You hoped he forgot about the kiss. But at the same time, you hoped he didn't forget the sensation.



  Art credit goes to Laura Hollingsworth on DeviantART. I swear, Dex looks so Daddy-

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