To Do List

820 12 12

Gibberish (Fitz and Keefe)
Copacabana (Fitz and Dex)
Blame (Keefe)
Fun (Keefe x Author) *I'm writing all this, I deserve it*
Treat You Better (Tam)

Grease AU
Summer Nights (Keefe)
Greased Lightning (Fitz)
Hopelessly Devoted (Keefe)
You're the One That I Want (Keefe)
Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee (Dex)

Trying a New Elixr (Dex)
In the Darkness of the Night (Tam)
Pretty Playboy (Keefe)
Telekinesis (Fitz)

Views Specials
(300+ Views Special) Now You See Me [Alvar]
(400+ Views Special) Open the Doors [Wylie]
(500+ Views Special) Unforgivable [Brant] (Woah what- I'm actually making this one your choice. Like. You guys need to vote on who I'm gonna do for 500 views special or I'm gonna use Brant-)

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