Chapter Thirty-one Altercations

Naill's POV

I shut the door behind me, as I left out of Kendall's room. I really didn't have to use the bathroom I just wanted some air. Kendall was to pitiful to even look at. Like a former shell of herself, like she was tucked away and hidden from the world. She was beyond hurt and that fact hurt me.

"Do you like her?" Louis's voice had snapped me out of the trance that I was in. I shook my head and let go of the door nob that I didn't realize I was holding. Did I want to take a glance at Louis, let him read my thoughts. The secrets that I tried so desperately to keep hidden from him. Would he see the truth.

No. I was to good at hiding things from people for him to see it. Though when I glanced up at him I gasped. I guess when he came in the room it was to dark to actually get a good look at him. Now, he looked horrible nothing like I was used to seeing.

Then it hit me. He looked like Kendall, if that made any since. He looked broken that's it, like he was feeling her pain. If that was possible.

"No." Was my simple response to his question. Maybe I had gotten to use to lying to Harry when he asked the same question. It was just wired into my brain to lie when asked that question.

Louis raised his eyebrows and stood up off of the wall he was leaning against."You sure about that? Because it sure as hell seems like you do." He spat harshly, stalking closer to me.

I stepped back, the last thing I wanted was to fight Louis. He was like a brother to me and even if I liked Kendall I wouldn't make a move. Wanted too, but wouldn't."Louis you're not thinking straight. We just all need a night of rest." I told him, while trying to walk past him.

He shoved me back."A night of rest, while you're in there cuddling up next to Kendall." He pushed me again."I thought you were my friend but instead you're trying to swoop in and still my girl away from me." His voice raised slightly, as he accused me.

That struck a nerve. I never once tried to make one single move on Kendall. She kissed me but I pushed her away. A friend was the only thing I ever tried to be to her. I respected their boundaries and never once tried to interfere in their complicated relationship. Even I could see that they were made for each other.

That still didn't stop me from liking her though. I never seen any harm in liking her if I didn't try anything with her. Suddenly though I found myself shoving him back. He wasn't just going to accuse me of trying to steal Kendall away from him. That would be unlike me.

"Just because I'm being a good 'friend' that means I'm trying to steal her from you." He shoved me back."How long have you known me?" My voice had slowly started to rise, my face was starting to.heat up.

"I guess not long enough." Louis snapped back, while cracking his knuckles in the process. He was starting to get worked up. Like I said before I didn't want a fight. Especially with Louis, I cared about him to much. He was like a brother to me.

"Well I guess now we know why she wants me in there instead of you." A smirk played at my lips as I told him this, an overwhelming urge to just say anything to mock him had filled me. Him accusing me had hurt, because he knew I'd never stoop so low. Though he was treating me like I was some snake.

His eyes narrowed slightly, then I realized we wouldn't be able to avoid a fight. Everyone was too stressed now that Simon was here, Foster dying. Even though we didn't know him that well we still felt the impact. Mostly because it threw the balance off, made everything tense. A fight was what we maybe needed.

"Oh is that right?" Louis questioned, his fist clenching at his sides. He stood in an intimating stance, his body was slightly shaking.

I sighed,"Louis we shouldn't be doing this right now." I tried to make him see reason.

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