Chapter Twenty-Seven Determination

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Chapter Twenty-Seven Determination

Kendall's POV

My eyes were wide open in shock as I stared at Trent. The scenes of what could have happened plagued my thoughts. I stepped into the shower and threw my arms around him. The water from the running shower head, soaked through my clothes and wet my hair.

"What the hell Kendall?" Trent yelled, as he stared down at me, shock was written all over his features. But I didn't care because he was alive. Though I was a little confused about all the blood.

"All I saw was the blood." I said, squeezing his body tighter. He pulled away from me, his brow rasied.

"What the hell happened?" Andrew asked, breathing hard. He held onto the door knob as he leaned over slightly. Realizing I was standing in the shower, I stepped out just as the rest of the boys entered the bathroom.

Andrew looked at me then to Trent, trying to get some answers."Well." He snapped angrily.

Trent covered himself with the shower curtain, before he began to speak."Kendall saw all the blood in the sink." He paused as everyone turned to the bloody sink."I guess she thought I cut myself or something."

Andrew nodded."Well then where did all the blood come from?" He asked, motioning his hand to the sink. Where did all the blood come from.

"I had a nose bleed." Trent mumbled, pulling the curtain closer to his body. Now that I noticed he was naked embarrassment started to set in. Though not because I had hugged Trent while he was naked, but because everyone knew. "You two know how I get when I'm stressed."

"Wait." Harry looked at me."So you mean to tell me that you thought he committed suicide, when in reality he just had a nose bleed."

I stared at Harry, as he started to laugh. As if I didn't already feel bad, Niall, Zayn, and even Louis started to laugh. Usually I wouldn't have minded if they were laughing. The fact that Louis was laughing made the whole situation even worse. My eyes started to tear up, quickly I wiped my eyes and scowled.

"I don't see why that would be funny," I snapped angrily."and if you keep laughing, I'm going to personally give all four of you a black eye."

Louis stopped laughing, and took a cautioned stepped towards me."Kendall we were only just joking."

"Whatever." I snapped, walking past Louis making sure that my shoulder collided with his. I stomped past Andrew and out of the bathroom. Angrily I stomped down the stairs and slammed the door shut on may out.

How dare he laugh at me. Why did I even care? Oh yeah because I like him, or liked him. Their goes my feelings again, I shook my head as I started to walk down the street. I waved as I passed some of my neighbors, where I was walking to I didn't know.

Sighing I kicked a rock on the ground, I watched as it bounced away. If I stopped thinking about Louis then I'd be fine. Though even when I pushed him to the back of my thoughts, he still pushed his way back up. Groaning I picked up a rock and threw it.

"Ow." Someone yelled, I looked in the direction that I threw the rock in."well that hurt."

A brown haired girl was standing up rubbing her head. I rolled my eyes knowing I would have to apologize to her. Why didn't I watch where I was throwing that rock. Though I couldn't remember her name, but I remembered her face.

"I'm sorry..." I apologized hoping she'd fill in the blank. Because for the life of me I couldn't remember her name. Was it Alison, Ashely, aliyah or maybe Andy.

Her brow rose,"You seriously don't remember my name?" I shook my head. She sighed,"It's Alex."

I nodded. Now I remember her she always stayed to herself, and never really got into anything."Oh I'm sorry Alex."

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