Kendall's POV

"I'm not gay." He responded, but he sounded unsure of himself. He chuckled nervously, as he ran a hand through his hair.

"Trent we've been friends for how long. And you want to try to lie to me?" I questioned with furrowed eyes brows.

He sighed."I'm not gay but I do like boys, but I also like girls too." He admitted, with a light blush creeping up on him.

"So your bi?" I asked, he shrugged and ducked his head away from me, and under the covers. I followed. How could he be confused?

"What's so confusing about that?" I asked my curiosity getting the better of me. Maybe he thought people were going to judge him."You can like both if you want too. No ones going to judge you."

"It's not that simple. It's not the coming out part that bothers me." He smiled a small shy smile."I'm not sure if I like both or if I just like girls." He whispered out.

"Well you've kissed a girl before. Go kiss a boy." He looked at me with an amused expression on his face. But it was just as simple as it sounded. It wasn't anything wrong with what I had said.

"It's not that simple Ken."

"It is that simple, in fact I dare you to kiss a boy." I smirked knowing he couldn't turn down a dare. His eyes narrowed sightly, and he threw the covers off of us. I jumped out of the bed, and ran behind him as he left his room. He was so not going to do it.

He had a determined look on his as he made his way down the hallway. My hands were gripping the back of his pajama pants, so I could keep up. I was curious to see who he was going to kiss. Should have made him him kiss Harry, instead of him getting to chose.

We turned a corner,"Hey Kendall, Tren-"

My mouth dropped as he locked lips with Liam. His brown eyes went wide as Trent kissed him, surprisingly he didn't push him away. I shifted awkwardly on my feet as they continued to kiss. Maybe I should leave? I cleared my throat loudly and Liam pushed Trent away.

"What the hell was that?" He questioned as he bit down on his bottom lip. I thought that he should be angry, but he wasn't. That made me think that he wasn't so straight either. He could possibly be hiding it.

Trent shrugged and pointed at me."She made me do it." Trent said as he stared at Liam. Liam muttered something under his breathe, before walking away.

"We definitely should have bet on that." Trent said as we watched Liam retreating back. Their was something else he wasn't telling me. I'll let him have his little secret for now. I was just going to get the little details he was willing to tell.

He slung his arm over my shoulder, as we walked back to his room. He shut the door behind us, and I sat back down on his bed.

"So why didn't you tell Andrew? I mean he is your best friend." I asked. He tilted his head to the side, and let his eyes wander off. My lips curved up into a smile as I stared at his thinking face.

"I don't know. I guess I thought he would treat me different." He replied as he picked his football up.

My brother could be irrational at times, but he never judged anyone. When we were younger he never talked bad about someone. He was the level headed twin, the one that stayed out of things. He could have changed.

"Why would he treat you different?" I questioned as he threw the foot ball up.

"When we were younger I used to ask him things." He paused as he caught the football."Things like if you found out one of your friends were gay, would you treat them different?" he tossed it back up.

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