Chapter Twenty-Five Jumbled Thoughts

Niall's POV

Do I like her? Or I'm I just hiding my true feelings. Their is something that I feel for her, but she Louis's girl. Even if she doesn't want to admit it. Then there is that other person, when I see them I just don't know what to do with myself.

God why is life so confusing? There had to be a law against liking two people at the same time. As long as they never found out, things wouldn't get awkward. What if I did talk to Kendall? Find out if she has some feelings for me.

Without telling her that I like of course. I mean it's just a little crush how much trouble could it cause. That was it I'd just talk to her. Ask her if she wanted to go for a walk with me, then get her to tell me.

Even I knew that wasn't going to be easy. She wasn't the most secretly open person. That's why I like her. Kendall's not like the other girls that throw themselves at us. She's different in a lot of ways. Maybe she's a little aggressive, not afraid to speak her mind, or talk with her fist.

I just wanted someone that loved me for me. Not the fame, or the money just me. I knew for a fact that both of them could do that. Though I knew neither of them had feelings for me.

Maybe I was just looking for love, and just wanted to find it because everyone else seemed like they were. Zayn had Chaire, Louis had Kendall, and Liam had Trent and Danielle. That probably won't last that long. Because of the fact that he's basically cheating on them.

I wouldn't have never knew Liam liked guys. It wasn't like I was judging him, I was a little confused myself. Then again I didn't go around creating drama, and making out in the kitchen. Atleast if he wanted to keep it a secret, he'd actually try to hide it.

They couldn't all be good at hiding secrets like me. Glancing at the clock I noticed it was still early. No one was awake yet, maybe I should cook something.

Kendall's cooked for all of us, maybe it's time I return the favor.

Kendall's POV

I yawned, as I woke up. Stretching I rolled over in the bed, and came face to face with Andrew. Why did he take me out of my room?

"Andrew, wake up." I shook his shoulders, as I whispered to him. He groaned, then pulled the pillow over his head.

"Do you get enjoyment out of waking me up." He mumbled, hiding under his pillow.

I laughed,"Actually I kind of do." I teased as I poked his shoulder."So why did you put me in your bed?" I asked as he smacked my finger away from him.

He sat up on his elbows, and glared at me."Actually I didn't put you in here, your boyfriend did."

"Louis is not my boyfriend." I snapped and punched his arm. His body shook slightly, then he started to laugh. Brothers.

Suddenly a strong burning smell hit my nose."You smell that?"

Andrew stopped laughing, then he sniffed the air."Smells like smoke.." he let his sentence hang, as he looked at me. We both quickly jumped out of bed, then pushed our way through the door.

Smoke filled our lungs as, we ran into the hallway. My hand went to cover my mouth and nose. Andrew was cursing loudly as we sprinted down the stairs. The kitchen seemed like it was almost pitch black when we entered it.

"Niall what the hell are you doing." Andrew snapped, throwing the burnt food and pot into the sink. Then he turned on the water. I opened the window so the smoke could go out of it.

"I was cooking." Niall replied, lowly. He wasn't looking at any of his, instead he stared at the ground. As if it was the most interesting thing in the world.

"That wasn't cooking. You could have burnt the kitchen down." Andrew yelled.

Niall's head shot up, his face was beet red."I was just trying to cook for everyone, okay." He snapped back, as he pushed past Louis, who had decided to come down stairs. The front door slammed shut.

"Niall tried to cook?" Louis questioned, looking between us. We nodded. Guess he wasn't sick anymore.

Andrew groaned, while running a hand through his brown hair. Knowing him he probably already felt guilty."I didn't mean to hurt his feeling."

I nodded,"I'll go see if he's okay." I said, as I walked past Louis. When I got back I would see if he felt sick, anymore. If he said he felt good, then I'd kick him out of my room.

He couldn't have gotten far, I said as I threw the door open. A small smile crept on my face when I noticed him sitting on the porch. He had a stick in his hand, and he was drawing in the dirt.

"Niall are you okay?" I asked, while I sat down beside him. He wouldn't look at me, he just kept drawing in the dirt."Niallllllllll."

"I just wanted to cook you guys something." He mumbled, as he turned to me. Blue eyes seemed slightly water, like he was about to cry but wouldn't.

I smiled,"That was nice of you." I replied.

"But it didn't even go as I planned. I burnt up the food and almost the kitchen. I feel like a an idiot." He threw the stick, and pouted. Even I had to admit that he looked adorable doing that.

"Niall your not an idiot," I paused as I thought of something else to say."Your nice, sweet, and your definitely nothing like Harry." I admitted.

He smiled,"You think so?"


A comfortable silence drifted in-between us as we sat. There wasn't really anything else to say. Well until Niall broke the silence.

"You remember how you said I should fight for the girl I liked?" He asked, with a shy smile. I nodded,""Well I thought about it and I decided against it. She's already happy with someone, even if she doesn't realize it."

"I guess that's a good reason, but if you like her don't you want to see how she feels?" I questioned, as I ran a hand through my now purple hair. Strangely I was beginning to like my new look.

He shook his head,"It's not that easy. It's not like I can just walk up to her and say I like you." He replied.

"What do you have to lose?" When that question came out of my mouth, I had to stop talking. Here I I'm telling him to chase the girl he wants. And I can't even tell Louis how I feel.

"Your right if you really care for someone you should at least tell them how you feel." He said, standing up with a determined look on his face. I jumped up too, because this talk was really getting my blood pumped.

"Yeah I I'm right." I yelled slightly, my blood was starting to pump really fast.

"Kendall I li-"

"I should just go and tell Louis how I feel. If I get hurt I just get hurt." Niall's smile faltered a little, as I cut him off.

"Thanks for the talk Niall." I said, as I kissed his cheek."I really needed it."

"You're welcome." I heard him mumble as I walked away.

Author Note: So this is suppose to be a filler chapter. Just to give you a little insight on Niall's point of view. That's basically why it's so short, and I really don't have time to update like I want to.

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