"Whatcha cooking?" I asked Kendall when I entered the kitchen. She groaned lowly when I came closer to her and peered in the pot. I was surprised she let me look in it.

"Need any help?" I asked as I leaned onto the counter. I smiled a big grin at her, and gave her one of my cutest looks. No girl could resist the cute looks. She sent me a blank look before going back to the pot.

She wasn't like all the others girls, should have remembered that. I should not have used the cute face. It probably would have worked for Niall but not. I need a new game plan.

"Here Louis." I jumped back when I saw the knife in her hands. "Seriously." She rolled her eyes and put the knife down next to the bell pepper. Oh she wanted me to cut up the pepper. I laughed lightly as I walked up to the counter and started to cut the pepper. Okay time to lay down some small talk.

"So I saw you riding your horse." I chopped up the pepper as I spoke. It wasn't the best thing I could come up with but it wasn't the worst either.

"You were stalking me then?" She asked in an accusing tone. I turned to look at her and she just raised her brow at me.

"N-no.. I wasn't stalking you I was with Cece." I replied. She shrugged and handed me another pepper to chop. I'm glad this was all she had me to do. Because my cooking is crap.

"So you just stopped to watch me?" She asked. Why did I feel like I was getting interrogated? I asked myself as I continued to chop.

"Well I wasn't wa-shit." I yelled as I grabbed my finger.

"Oh my god I chopped my finger off." I shrieked. Kendall had a big smile plastered on her face as I panicked. Why was this funny? My finger was probably laying on the floor somewhere and was going to be devoured by some hungry bug. And she was laughing.

"Louis calm down." Kendall said as she grabbed my hand. When people say calm down that meant you needed to panic more. Calm down meant things were worser than it seemed. Maybe I chopped two fingers off instead of one. I think I'm going to faint.

"It hurts-" A hard slap across the face left me stunned and staring at Kendall."Why did you do that?" I asked as I looked at her. She shrugged.

"You were going crazy." She admitted as she started to unwrap my finger. I hadn't even noticed her wrap a towel around my finger. I closed my eyes I didn't want to see the mangled parts of the finger.

"But my finger-"

"Is right here. Louis all you did was scratch yourself, you're barely even bleeding." She chuckled lowly as she let my hand drop. I could feel my face getting redder by the second as she continued to laugh at me.

I couldn't help but let a few laughs out myself. I did overreact badly I deserved to be laughed at. I couldn't help but stare at her when she went back to the pot. She threw the peppers in the pot and turned the stove down.

"Let's go get the first aid kit, you idiot." Their goes the nice Kendall. She was their for just a second but now she's gone. Probably won't see that side of her anytime soon.

I looked at the bandaid as Kendall put the first-aid kit back in the cabinet. But as I looked up my eyes zoned in her butt. Hey, I I'm still a guy and Kendall has a really nice butt. But if she caught me looking it'd be some serious consequences to pay.

"I'm going to go finish up dinner, you stay and take care of your finger." She smirked, was she teasing me. She left me sitting in the bathroom.

Might as well get ready for dinner. I stood up and walked out of the bathroom and I bumped into Zayn. He was dressed up and looked like he was about to go out somewhere.

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