Chapter Twenty-Nine Festival

Kendall's POV

What the hell was I thinking? Now Andrew was going to kill him, and it was going to be all my fault. Curse my stupid hormones. Next time i'll knee him then we won't have to go through this. Though I don't really see how that'll help.

I walked back in the living room and fell back on the couch next to Niall. He smiled at me and sat the book down on the table. Glancing around the room I noticed Zayn had came in and was watching Alex. She was messing with Harry's pink hair, as he sat there angrily. I couldn't even laugh.

"What's wrong Kendall?" Niall asked, putting his full attention on me.

"Nothings wrong." I replied, giving him a small smile. My guess is that he saw right through my lie. He pulled me into him as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. The embrace was comfortable but it still felt a little odd.

"I know you're lying to me Kendall." He told me, as he rubbed my arm. Yeah his touch definitely gave me an odd feeling. Though it still wasn't uncomfortable.

I sighed,"Niall I just don't know what to do anymore. Everything is just so complicated." I told him, as I leaned my head on his shoulder.

"You're making it complicated." He replied, with a hint of amusement in his voice. I sat up and glared at him.

"I'm making my life complicated. Niall you like a girl and won't tell her." I snapped back, even though that last line sounded a lot like me. I'm turning into a hypocrite.

He smiled and leaned closer to me,"If I tell her that I like her, it'll only make her already complicated life more complicated." He responds as he pokes my nose with his index finger . I swat his hand away and stare at him.

"So that's it, you're just going to sit in the background and watch?" I questioned. A loose strand of purple hair fell into my face but I ignored it.

"Yeah just be her friend that she goes to when she needs to talk."He reached out and tucked the strand behind my ear. His blue eyes stared intensely into mine."Even if I really want to kiss her." He whispered out.

"Watch out!" Harry yelled, as he fell between us. I pushed my lower body from under him, then smacked him in the back of the head. He only laughed and squeezed his body fully between us. Then he threw his arms around both of our shoulders.

"So guys what are we talking about?" He asked, pulling us closer to him. Angrily I yanked out of his embrace and punched him in his arm. He flinched slightly but kept up his strange behavior.

"What we were talking about was none of your business." I spat out angrily, everyone was starting to look at us. Though most of Harry's questions were directed towards Niall. Somehow I seemed to be answering Harry's questions, while Niall looked away and refused to look at Harry.

"Niall?" Harry sounded as if he was interrogating him with all of his questions. I didn't see anything wrong with us talking.

Harry turned to me, then looked back at Niall. He then stood up slowly, tapping Niall on the shoulder as he did this. Niall glanced over at me before he followed Harry out of the room. Zayn also stepped out of the room to follow behind them.

"So Kendall you're going to the festival this year?" Alex asked, as she came and sat beside me. I almost forgot about the towns yearly festival. Maybe that was because I didn't go to it in the past three years.

I shrugged,"I don't know."

"I don't remember the last time you or Andrew went." She replied, while smiling at me. I smiled back.

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