Chapter Thirty-Six [The Funeral]

For some reason when I went to sleep last night, I thought we wouldn't be having Foster's funeral. Since everything that had happened last night. Eventually they decided to take Trent's mom to the hospital. Somehow Liv had found out and showed up to my house in tears. Chaire and Jacob showed up later when we were getting ready to leave. Because of my arm I had to go with them.

The paramedics never came but they met us halfway. They tried to apologize saying that they couldn't find us. Which it was the truth but neither one of us wanted to hear it. When we arrived at the hospital the police wanted to ask me some question. For some reason they were interrogating me, asking me question. Like what were you doing in the woods so late? How is it that I was the only one to find the body and get back to it?

After a minute of answering their questions which were a load of crap. I politely told the both of them to fuck off and stormed away with Louis right behind me. After he apologized to the officers. The doctors had got a scan on my arm. It turned out to be a bad bruise that they wrapped up.

Andrew spent his time there trying to comfort a quiet Trent. He just sat there looking straight ahead not saying anything. Liam had came too though he just kept his distance from Trent.

He only spoke to him once. It was to ask what he wanted from the vending machine.

Liv stayed clinging to Jacob the whole time. The bad thing is she was the only one that was crying for her mom. She kept saying that she wasn't always like that. That was true too. Even I can remember the times when she used to make us her famous homemade icecream. Or when she used to play hide n seek with us when she was little.

Though time hadn't been good to her, she lost her husband then went completely mad. The rest of the night was spent waiting in the waiting room. As the hours ticked on by we all started to fall asleep, except Trent. The last thing I remembered after that was Louis and me propped up against each other. Trying not fall asleep.

It felt like I was asleep for only a couple of second, when Andrew came into my room and told me to get ready for the funeral. That's when I took in my surroundings. I was no longer at the hospital sitting in the waiting room. Instead I was laying in my bed with an arm secured tightly around my waist. Andrew wasn't even mad he just told me to wake him up too.

I wanted to lay there for a couple more minutes. Though I knew I couldn't someday I had to face my fears. Going to Foster's funeral was one of my biggest fears. Seeing someone you love lying in a casket did things to people. Though my second fear was..

I shifted slightly so that I was facing Louis. That was my second biggest fear telling him my feelings but now I didn't think it mattered. I stared at his sleeping face for a minute before I turned on my back. He was leaving right after the funeral. Truthfully I didn't want to let him go. I knew when I did though I wouldn't feel the same way about anyone anymore.

He would always have my heart. I sighed lowly before reaching over and gently shaking him awake. His eyes fluttered open as a small smile grazed his lips."Good morning."

"We need to get dressed." I told him my voice still cracking slightly.

"You need to drink something hot for that throat." He said, as he kicked the covers off his feet then sat with his feet dangling off the bed. He yawned as he stretched his arm up in the air."How does your arm feel."

"It doesn't hurt as much as it does than yesterday." I admit, while standing up. He glanced over at me for a second letting his gaze linger before looking away.

"I'll go and get dressed then i'll met you downstairs." He says. Then he walks out of the room without saying anything else. I grabbed the clothes that I had laid out the night before. This was going to be hard but I'd get through it. Louis leaving was going to take sometime though. With that thought in mind I head for the bathroom to get ready.

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