Kendall POV

I screamed when Louis pushed me off of the dock and into the cold water. I narrowed my eyes at him when I resurfaced. I was seriously going to slap that smirk off his pretty little face.

"I'm sorry Kendall I couldn't resist." He admitted as he stuck his hand out for me. I smiled at him, which caused him to frown before I yanked him in the water. That's what he gets for pushing me, I thought as I waited for him to come back up.

My eyes went wide when I noticed he wasn't coming back up. Please tell me he could swim?

Rolling my eyes I plunged my head under water to get Louis. When I brought him to the top I noticed he had a smile on his face."I knew you couldn't keep your hands off me Kendall." He teased as I shoved him away.

"The next time you're drowning I'm just going to watch." I spat out angrily.

"You hurt me deep love." He joked as he placed his hand over his heart. I rolled my eyes as he swam circles around me. Maybe If I pushed his head under the water and held it there. I shook my head at that thought he would probably come back as a ghost.

Louis the annoying ghost.

We had been swimming for a while until Chaire and I decided to sit on the dock. She was grinning at me which only meant she wanted to ask me something.

"So Louis is kind of cute isn't he?"

She asked. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes and instead I shrugged. She scoffed loudly and rolled her eyes.

"How will you ever fall in love when you won't even give a guy a chance." She paused and gaped at me."Are you a lesbian?" she asked. Did she seriously just ask me that?

"No Chaire I'm not a lesbian." I replied in the calmest voice I could muster up. She thinks just because I haven't kissed a boy yet, it means I'm gay. Yeah boys tried to talk to me in the past but I never liked any of them.

"Well I'm just asking. You have a hot boy in front of you, and you act like you don't care." She said as she pointed towards Louis. I pushed her hand down. How many times must I tell her? If you're going to talk about someone don't point.

"It's because I don't care." I responded.

She rolled her eyes."Look all I'm saying is that I want you to be happy." she paused and scooted closer to me. I'm guessing she didn't want this to be heard."You can't keep pushing people away Ken. One day your going to push someone away that you really care about, and your going to regret it."

"Are you finished?" I snapped harshly. She sighed and stood up. I didn't like being mean to her but she just wouldn't stop. Why she had to keep pressing the matter was beyond me.

She smiled."You should think about what I said." She said lowly before jumping in the lake. I laid back down and stared up at the blue sky. It was the only thing I loved about this world, the sky. Sometimes it would change but it still would remain the same, if that made since.

A groan left me when Louis came and stood over me. A narrowed my eyes at his smiling face. It was something about it that made me feel like he was up to something. Or maybe it was the fact that he was standing over me, with his hands behind his back.

"Louis w-" I was cut off by him pouring water on my face. He was so dead when I wiped my eyes! I could hear him running already and chanting coming from the others. They were saying things like. Don't let her catch you, run for your life, you shouldn't have done that. He should definitely listen to them.

"Dammit Louis I'm going to kill you!" I screamed as I ran after him.

He was actually fast but I was catching up to him with ease. I launched myself at him when I got close. We both were sent tumbling to the ground, I rolled on top of Louis.

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