Kendall's POV


That's how I felt when we got off the ride. Louis on the other hand was all smiles, nothing could get him to stop smiling. Even when Cece said his smile reminded her of the cat off of Alice and Wonderland. If I didn't get on that stupid ride, then I wouldn't have tongued down Louis. Okay, technically he tongued me down but it wasn't like I tried to stop him.

I hugged the stuffed animal to my chest as I stood away from the guys. We were standing at the exit waiting on the others. What was taking them so long?

"Kendall," Harry waved something back and forth in front of my face."Look what I got."

My eyes went wide as he waved a picture of me and Louis on the ride, in my face. I wouldn't have minded if it wasn't a picture with me and him kissing.

"Harry give me that picture." I spoke through clenched teeth, as I stepped closer to him. He backed up with a smirk on his face, holding the picture up in the air. He shook his head.

"I think I want to keep it," he paused as he looked at me and shrugged,"and maybe make a lot of copies."

I lunged for him when he tried to get away, he fell on the ground. Growling I crawled on top of his back so he could'nt get away. "Give it to me Harry!" I yelled as I reached for the picture.

He held the picture far away from me as he could."You really want me to give it to you Kendall?" I ignored his perverted comment, as I tried to wrestle the picture away from him. The few people that were leaving the fair, were giving us curious glances as they walked by.

"Kendall," An arm went around my waist, and pulled me off of Harry."why are you trying to kill Harry?" Niall questioned as he held me to his chest. There was a playful smirk on his face as he looked at me.

Narrowing my eyes slightly, I pushed Niall off of me and crossed my arms over my chest."He took something of mine." I replied, in a childish manner, while stomping my feet.

His brow rose,"What did he take?"

"He took..he..he took something of mines." I snapped, not wanting to reveal what Harry had."And if he doesn't give it back I'm going to break his face." I threatened, lunging at Harry again. Only to be pulled back into Niall's chest again.

"I think i'll hold onto this." Harry said as he put the picture in his pocket. I stomped down hard on the ground, but frowned when I came in contact with something else.

"Ow!" Niall yelled as he grabbed his foot. Guess I should have watched were I stomped.

"I'm sorry Niall." I apologized as I looked at him. Andrew stood by watching with a smile on his face. Where was the helpful big brother when you needed him?

"Don't you just love these fun family outings?" Andrew asked as he looked between us. Scoffing loudly as I rolled my eyes, at his comment I inched closer to Harry.

"Their is nothing fun about it." I said as I kicked Harry in the leg when I got closer to him. He groaned loudly, as he gripped his leg."except that, that was fun."

Andrew chuckled,"Well atleast me and Niall had fun." Andrew bragged as he slung his arm over a pouting Niall. I had a feeling Niall was about to disagree.

"Besides the rides, I didn't win anything at the booths. And Andrew wouldn't let me eat anything, because he said he didn't want me vomiting on him." Niall said as he looked at me and then down to his empty stomach.

We never ate when we came to the fair, besides cotton candy. We just rode rides and stopped at a restaurant to eat later. It was just something we did.

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