"So you slept in Trent's room last night." Andrew asked me while we were brushing our teeth in the bathroom. He wasn't mad that I slept with Trent he sounded like he was concerned. It was just Trent after all; he was like a second brother to me.  I wondered what was going through Andrew’s head at the moment.

"Yeah I did. Why?" I replied rudely to him. He knows I don't like being questioned about what I was doing. And I defiantly don't like being questioned early in the morning.  

He shrugged as if he was unfazed by my rudeness “I just wanted to know if he was alright. He has been crying a lot lately." Andrew admitted as he continued to brush his teeth. He's been crying a lot and he hasn't helped him.

"And did you even bother to help him." I spat out angrily as I slammed my toothbrush on the counter. We were suppose to help him not listen to him cry. Andrew sighed and placed his toothbrush on the counter.

"He didn't like me seeing him crying." Andrew spoke slowly in a hushed tone. I’m guessing he didn’t want anybody to overhear our conversation. He shut the bathroom door and closed us in there.”I didn’t want to make him feel sadder than he already does” he added. I could tell he wanted to help but didn’t know how.

We just stared at each other in silence; it wasn’t an awkward silence we just didn’t have anything left to say about the situation. Most of the time Trent was happy it was just at times he got a little depressed. I hated when he got depressed it made me feel like I could see a dark cloud hanging over his head.

“We need groceries and it’s your turn to go to Galton.”  He told me. I groaned Galton was the small plaza that supplied us with the things we needed. It was two hours away if we walked and an hour if we drove. I hated going to Galton and Andrew knew that; that’s why he was smirking at me at the moment. Usually if someone was driving there others seen it as an opportunity to get what they needed too. So basically this was going to be a boring day.

“Give me the list.” I held my hand out as he reached into his pocket. He smirked when he came out with a paper that was neatly folded. He handed me the paper and the keys to the truck and I opened the bathroom door and left. I passed Niall on the way to my room and he sent me a small friendly smile. I thought about returning it but didn’t so I just kept on walking. Out of all the boys he did seem like he could be nice. I threw on a black tank top that read ’bite me.’ And a pair of shorts, and converse now I was ready to go.

Soon as I walked out of my room I ran into Louis, he smiled at me.”Your brother said I could go into town with you today.” He grinned a smile that went from ear to ear. I narrowed my eyes at him and exhaled lowly, He was so not going with me. I pushed him out of my way and went to find my brother.

He was following close behind me as I walked it was annoying the hell out of me. Didn’t he have something better to do than to be annoying? He was going to make me lose my temper which as you can tell was easy to happen.

“So, Kendall are you and Trent a thing?” Louis asked while walking behind me. I immediately stopped in my tracks which caused Louis to bump into the back of me. My fist were clenched at my sides as I turned to face Louis. How dare he try to pry into my business, my business not his.

“First of all I don’t like being questioned.” I stepped closer to him as I jabbed my finger in his chest.”Second what me and Trent are to each other isn’t none of your business.” I snapped angrily as I pushed him away from me. He stumbled back a little but didn’t lose that goofy smile of his.

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