Kendall's POV

I sat there processing his confession. He was my superman and I was his weakness. My stomach felt funny, but it was a good kind of funny. A small smile made it's way on my lips as I stared up at the nights sky.

Suddenly something dawned on me. It was as if someone threw a bucket of cold water on me. Louis was a visitor here, and at some point he'd leave. Would he try to keep in touch or visit? Most likely he'd forget about me as soon as he left. This wasn't the kind of place you remembered when you left it.

The feelings I had for him could not be known. I'd just end up getting hurt in the end. But it was something about Louis that made me think he wouldn't forget. Could I trust him? Chaire didn't think that way about Zayn. Or did she? Chaire looked at the good sides to things, I didn't.

Louis was laying down on the roof with his eyes closed. I wasn't sure if he was sleep or not. So I just took this as an opportunity to stare at him. He wasn't one of those pretty boys like Trent, but he was still handsome. His brown hair was sticking up in all directions.

His lips stood out the most. I've never actually kissed a boy before. And up until now I never really wondered about it. Now I wondered what it'd be like. The new thoughts scared me. I needed someone to talk too. Maybe I was going crazy, or maybe my hormones were finally kicking in.

Liv's mother would most likely be watching her like a hawk. Chaire would most likely be somewhere with Zayn or her brother. And Andrew.. Andrew's just a no. That left Trent, I needed to talk to him anyway. But by now he should be sleep.

After crying my eyes out some minutes ago. I was wide awake I didn't feel sleepy at all. It wasn't like I wanted to stay here either.


He groaned slightly,"Yeah Kendall?"

"I'm not tired." I paused as he looked at me."You can go to bed if you want. I'm just going to go for a ride." I said.

He looked at me as I began to climb down off the roof. Louis smirked."Sneaking out again Kendall. What would Andrew say?." he shook his head and followed me. Honestly I wanted him to go with me.

"You know Louis, sometimes you just have to live a little." I replied as I jumped off the last step and landed on the ground. Glancing back up, I noticed Louis was having a harder time. He must not have to sneak out so he can have some fun.

"That is tr-" Louis missed a step. I braced myself for his fall, as I tried to catch him. He succeed in knocking all the wind out of my body, as he fell on me.

"" I said as I pushed his body off of me. He stood up, as I continued to catch my breath. Sure he was okay, but I'm the one that just got crushed.

After a few seconds I stood up and glared at him. He only smirked and mumbled a thank you to me.

"Let's go." I snapped, as I took his hand in mine and dragged him along. I ignored the warmth I felt from his touch. If Andrew knew I was going for a ride at night, he'd flip. At least for his sake I wasn't going alone. Louis stopped as we came upon old man Fosters house.

"I thought we were going for a ride?" He asked as I dropped his hand."So what are we doing here?"

I smirked at him,"We are going for ride." I responded with a mischievous look on my face, "Just not the one you expected."

He groaned as I began to walk towards the stalls. Midnight woke up as soon as I entered. Smiling, I brought out my riding gear, and began to secure it on him. When I made sure everything was set, I lead Midnight out of his stall.

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