Chapter Thirteen Snooping With Lou

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Snooping With Louis


Kendall's POV

I pushed a branch out of my way as I neared the light. Foot steps were behind me, which meant Louis was following. I've never been so happy to have an overprotective brother in my life.

A little squeal came from me as I flung myself at the first person I seen. Unfortunately that happened to be Niall. He wasn't ready for the attack and we both were sent flying to the ground. But I didn't car I was just so happy.

"Never thought I'd be happy to see you Blondie." I joked, while ruffling his blond hair. I pushed up off of him and held my hand out for him to take. He smiled shyly at me when he took it.

Sighing, when I noticed Andrew staring at me."Go ahead and lecture me Andrew."

He held his hands up,"I wasn't going to lecture you." He replied.

My brow rose sightly."You weren't going to lecture me? Then why are you giving me that look?"

He shrugged,"I just thought I'd get the first hug."

Smiling I shook my head as I ran into his open arms. Trent had the same look on his face when I looked at him. Rolling my eyes I unwrapped my arms from around Andrew, and hugged Trent.

"Can we go home now?" Louis asked breathless as he glared my way. My cheeks started burning as I remembering the moment before. I hid my face in Trent's chest, hoping that no one noticed. They would have known something was up if they saw it.

We started walking back towards home, moving at a slow pace. Louis and Niall were a couple steps behind us as they walked. They looked like they were deep in conversation. I wondered what they were talking about. It had to be me since they kept looking my way.

"So how did you guys get lost?" Trent questioned as we neared the end of the forest. I could see the lights shining from the houses.

"Louis dropped the flashlight in the water." I replied.

That was the end of our conversation. I smiled when we finally made it out of the forest, which meant I was almost close to my bed. But I really didn't feel like walking the rest of the way. Call me lazy but it had to be almost morning,and I needed my sleep.

I smiled up at Andrew."Can I get on your back?" I asked in a sweet voice. He rolled his eyes and nodded. Smiling I climbed on Andrew's back. My eyes started to get heavy as we passed the houses on the street. The last house I saw before I went to sleep was Liv's. I thought I saw a her looking out the window but I could have imagined it.

The sound of a loud banging woke me up. Huffing, I reached for my clock to turn it off. I paused as I remembered I didn't even have an alarm clock. Groaning I opened my eyes and screamed when I saw Jacob smiling at me.

He frowned,"Do you know how long I've been banging on this pot?" He asked holding up the pot."Seriously you're a really heavy sleeper."

"Why are you in my room?" I snapped, angrily.

"I needed to talk to you." He told me, with a determined look on his face. I furrowed my brows, Jacob being serious was a sight to see. Yawning, I sat up in my bed.

"What do you want to talk about Jacob?" I asked as he sat down on my bed.

He sighed and scratched the back of his neck."It's about Liv. Don't freak out but I really like her."

I gasped,"I had no idea that you liked her. How could I miss the looks you gave her when she wasn't looking" I replied, with my voice full of sarcasm.

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