Kendall POV

Anger was what I felt coursing through me. How could she treat him like that? Her own flesh and blood, the thought of her made my blood boil. And Louis following behind me didn't help either, and on top of that he wouldn't stop talking. He was constantly asking me was I okay. Did I look okay? Or did he not just see what happened.

I didn't regret hitting Liv's mother and I doubt Liv didn't want to do the same. If I had my way I would have kept on fighting her. But I would not have put Liv through any more pain.

"Are you okay Kendall." Louis asked as I stomped towards my brother's shop. I really needed to see my brother now, or else I would explode. Most likely Louis would be the one I took all my anger out on. It was just because he wouldn't leave me be. I just needed Andrew and that's all.

"Andrew." I yelled as I threw the doors to his shop open. He came from the back covered in oil and grime. I ran and threw my arms around his neck, and covered my face from view. I wasn't crying though.

He wrapped his arms around me."What happened?" Andrew asked as he rubbed my back. I knew he was angry that I was this upset. I could feel him shaking against me as he tried to calm himself.

It was a twin thing that I and he shared. If one of us got really upset and felt like we were going to explode, we'd hold each other. It actually helped calm each of us down. Because once one twin was upset the other immediately became upset too.

"I hit Liv's mom." I mumbled in his chest. I knew he had heard what I said because he pulled away from me. I looked up at him to see the disappointed look he was giving me, but instead I was met with a concerned one. He usually didn't approve of me fighting so why wasn't he disappointed.

"Why did you hit her Blake?" He asked as he sat me down in a chair, he kneeled in front of me. I can't remember the last time I was this upset. But I do remember him treating me like this.

I sighed, "Andrew you should have seen the way she was treating Trent. If his father was still alive you know he would be still living with them." I replied in a low angry voice. A look of understanding crossed his face. Trent had been one of my close friends for as long as I can remember. And nobody messed with my friends unless they had a death wish.

"Did you leave a bruise?" He asked with a smirk playing at his lips. I smiled and nodded. Chances are if I hit her it was bruised."Good if I were a girl I would have been hit her too." He admitted and stood up. I loved my twin.

"I..." I stopped mid sentence as the door slammed open. Trent and Jacob walked in; Jacob was patting Trent's back.

"Before you ask, I'm not okay." Trent said as I looked at him. He walked past all of us and went into the restroom. Groaning I put my face in my hands I was seriously getting stressed out. Everything was starting to stress me out Trent, the boys, and especially Louis.

I glanced over at Louis and noticed he was staring off in space. Which I know now is something he does often. What was with him anyway didn't he have someplace better to be? Why was he following behind me?

"I think we've all been stressing lately." Jacob started as he smiled at all of us. A hint of mischief was in his hazel eyes. "Well what about a party? The Morrison kids are throwing a huge party." He said as he looked at me.

I smiled remembering the last party they threw. Someone ended up setting a small patch of the corn field on fire. That someone happened to be me but it was an accident. I was drunk and I have no idea who gave me a lighter. Andrew was so pissed that he banned me from going to their parties again. So I knew he wouldn't just let me go.

"Andrew ca-."

"No. You remember what happened last time." He snapped as he walked to the back, I followed.

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