Chapter Fourteen- Never Anger A Girl

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Kendall's POV

"Dead puppies and grandmas in speedos." Louis mumbled over and over. Apparently it was suppose to help him with his current problem. I had stopped moving around, but I guess that didn't work either.

"Louis you're going to tell me what you read." I whispered, angrily. He muttered something that I couldn't make out. What could have been so bad that he couldn't tell me?

Sighing, I peeked out of the shutters at Foster. He was slowly falling asleep like I predicted he would. Then we would be able to sneak out without him knowing. I leaned into the closet door and closed my eyes. This day couldn't possibly get any worser.

Feeling a light tap on my shoulder I opened my eyes."What do you want Louis?" I snapped, angrily.

"He's snoring." He replied pointed out. I'm guessing he wanted to be out of here just as much as I did.

Turing the knob to the closet door, I gently eased it opened. I kept my eyes on him as we tip toed out of the closet. Louis went ahead of me as I shut the closet door back. My eyes went wide, when Louis almost knocked over a lap. He sent me a apologetic smile as he caught the lamp, before it smashed to the ground.

When we finally got into the hallway, we hauled ass. We literally ran like our life depended on it. I breathe in deep when we made it outside. Louis was bent over catching his breathe, while I stood with my arms crossed. And a scowl set on my face.

"Louis what was on that letter?" I questioned calmly. He was going to tell me or feel my wrath. I was going to make his life a living hell if he didn't.

"I'm sorry Kendall." he paused as he stared at me."But I can't tell you." He said, as he stared at me. Was it that bad that he couldn't even tell me? And here I thought we were actually becoming friends. Maybe even more than that. God he made me so angry.

Shaking my head I kicked him in his shin, and walked away. I heard him groan loudly, and I'm guessing he was probably on the ground. Did I feel bad for him? Surprisingly yes. It pissed me off to no end that I wanted to apologize to him. He deserved to be kicked.

I passed by all of the houses quickly, as I power walked. Louis shouldn't be that far behind me, but if he was smart he would be. When I came up to the house Andrew was coming out. He stopped when he saw me coming. I noticed he was carrying his blue and black, soccer ball in his hand.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"You going to play soccer?" I asked changing the subject.

He stared at me for a minute before responding."Me, Trent, and Jacob werd going to play a little game of soccer in the field."

Smirking, I took the soccer ball from him."Instead of it being a game, let's make it into a competition." Louis came walking up and I smiled at him. He visibly gulped."Boys Vs. girls."

"Okay." Andrew replied, sounding unsure.

"Great, let me go get changed."

"Yeah let me go get the first aid kit." Andrew said as we ran back into the house. I passed Niall while I was walking up the stairs.

I stopped him."We are going to play soccer, and I was wondering if you guys wanted to play?" I asked, I looked down to see what he was wearing. My eyebrow rose as I caught sight of the shirt he was wearing, he visibly gulped when our eyes met.

"Is that my shirt?" I questioned, as I stared back down at the pink and black shirt, with the cartoon giraffe in the middle of it. Andrew had bought me that shirt as a joke a long time ago. He nodded as he took a step away from me.

"Sorry." He apologized as he looked down.

"Don't worry about. You can actually have that, since I don't wear it anymore." I responded. He smiled at me and before I knew what happened, he hugged me. I patted his back awkwardly as he hugged me. Yeah I'm not much of a hugger.

He pulled away with a smile on his face."Sorry I'm a hugger." He admitted."But we'd definitely like to play soccer with you guys."

Nodding I turned to walk up the stairs. When I got to my room I grabbed the first pair of shorts I saw, and pulled them on. Pulling my hair back into a pony tail, I glared into the mirror. If I couldn't get Louis to talk, I'd just beat it out of him.

"Blake, hurry up!" Andrew yelled from down stairs. Rolling my eyes and ran out of my room. Down the stairs and out of the house. Andrew, Trent, Paul, and the boys were already waiting outside. I kept my hateful glare on Louis as I walked down the steps.

"The girls said they'll meet us at the field. But you you guys are still short on players." Andrew said as we walked towards the field.

Louis could possibly try to sit the game out if we didn't find enough players. I smiled when we passed by Cece, as we were walking. She would be the perfect person, since she can actually play the game. She was sitting under a tree by herself with a book in her hand.

"Hey Cece," I called out to the little girl. She looked up quickly and looked around, before looking at me."come here for a sec."

"You can't possibly want her to play, she'll get hurt." Louis pointed out, as he came and stood next to me. Ignoring him I smiled when the little girl came walking slowly up to me, with an unsure look on her face.

"How would you like to play soccer with us?" I asked.

A smile lit up her face,"Really you're going to let me play with you guys. This is going to be so much fun!" She squealed excitedly, while bouncing up and down.

"You're still short two." Louis smirked. I glared at him, before turning towards the field that we were getting closer to. I could smell the green grass before I made it on the big playing field. Chaire, Liv, and her two little sisters were already when we arrived.

The sun was beaming down on us as we stood in the middle of the field, deciding on what to do. Problem was that their was eight boys and six girls. Louis wanted to just sit it out and help Paul keep score, but even I knew why he didn't want to play.

"I got the solution." Trent announced as he backed out of the circle we created."I'll play on the girls team, that way it can be even."

Louis groaned as everyone agreed on it and went to get into position. I flashed him a smile as I walked away from him. That smile only met one thing, that I was up to no good.

As I walked over to my spot, which wasn't that far away from Trent. I glanced over at him, and noticed he was staring at Liam. That look I've seen it on him before. My jaw dropped as I stared at him, then Paul blew his whistle signaling the beginning of the game.

We ran the ball down the field, as the boys ran towards us. Harry was the first one to try to guard me, he had a confident smile on his face. He wasn't the one I wanted at the moment, it was Louis. When I heard Liv yell drop I kicked the ball behind me. And she ran it down the field.

The ball was then passed to Trent as Jacob came to guard Liv. Liam ran up to Trent and stole the ball away from him. Louis ran up beside me as I ran down the field, Liam passed him the ball. When he went to kick the ball I swiftly kicked it away from, while knocking him on his back in the process.

"Oooh that looked liked that hurt." I mocked, as I stood over him. He shook his head as Harry pulled him off the ground.

"I'm still not going to tell you." He muttered as he walked past me. I narrowed my eyes at his retreating back.

This was going to be a long day. And a painful one for Louis.

Author note: Sorry for the late update, but I've been busy lately. And I'm sorry to say school is starting, so I won't be able to update as often. But this is just a filler chapter.

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