•Rambles Of An Idiot•

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Andrew's POV(surprised)

For some odd reason I couldn't stay sleep, something felt off. Maybe it was because I slept for an hour? Throwing my covers off of me, I got out of my bed and rubbed my sleepy eyes. I stretched my arms over my head and yawned. I noticed it was four o'clock in the morning. All need to do is walk around then maybe I'll get tired.

I stopped as I walked past Kendall's room, maybe she was still up. Then again it was four in the morning.

Sighing I decided to stick my head in there anyway, my eyes went wide as I noticed she wasn't in her room. Where the hell could she be?

Just because she wasn't wasn't in her bedroom, didn't mean she wasn't in the house. But it's Kendall she doesn't miss out on her sleep. Shaking my head I closed the door and went to look for her. Call me overprotective but I liked to make sure my sister was safe. This was probably why I couldn't sleep.

Walking through the house I checked everywhere, and even outside, I even checked the stables.She wasn't anywhere to be found, I wasn't going to panic. She was an responsible adult. But it wasn't like her to leave without telling me, she wouldn't want me to worry. I have to go look for her so I can know that she's alright.

"Trent wake up." I whispered as I shook him. He groaned and turned over in his bed. Rolling my eyes I pushed him harder, using a little more force then I intended. Cringing as I watched him roll onto the floor with a loud thump.

He glared at me when he jumped up."Why the hell did you do that?" He spat out, angrily as he jumped back in the bed.

"Get up Kendall's missing." I snapped as I pulled the covers off his head.

"Did you check the stables?" He asked as he sat up and rubbed his eyes. I nodded and watched as his eyes went wide."Where else could she be at this hour? It's not like her to leave without telling anyone."

"Yeah that's why we need to go look for her." I explained. He got up and grabbed some shoes. I shook my head as he tripped trying to pull on a pair of jeans. He smiled up at me from the floor, while pulling them on.

"What's with all of the noise?" Niall asked, he looked at Trent laying on the floor.

"Kendall's missing." I replied, as I pushed past him. I didn't expect him to go looking for him. Someone needed to be home just incase she came back.

"Lou is not in his room either; maybe she's with him." Niall said, while following us down stairs. I stopped and turned around to face him. He sent me a shy smile as I stared at him.

"I don't know what's worse Kendall's missing, or a hormonally unstable boy is with her." I responded as I walked away from him. But I could still hear his foot steps behind us which meant he was following us."If you're coming then you might need some shoes." I told him.

"I have on slippers." He whispered lowly. I couldn't stop myself from looking down at his slippers. A smile made its way on my face as I looked;at the giraffe slippers he had on. His face went red as Trent started to laugh at him. He looked down as embarrassment took over.

"Dude their giraffe slippers when we find Kendall I have to tell her this." He said while wipping fake tears from his eye.

"Leave Niall alone." I told him, as I hit him in the shoulder. He glared at me as he opened the door and rubbed his arm. Niall smiled at me before walking out the door.

We walked around calling Kendall's and Louis's name but we got no answer.

"Andrew people are trying to sleep. And I have to talk to you about that delinquent of yours." Liv's mom spat out, angrily while looking between us. I've never been fond of this women and some might say I hated her. She's mean, loud and annoying; nothing like any of her kids.

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