Chapter Thirty-Seven[Signs From God Or Is It?]

Louis was gone. He wasn't coming back. So why had I been sitting on the porch for two hours, staring at the last spot I'd last seen him. I don't know why I expected him to run back down the road. Louis had been chasing me for so long, and I never once chased after him. What if I'd chased him when he was leaving? He still couldn't have stayed with me, though we could have at least said goodbye.

No. I didn't want to tell him goodbye. Goodbyes in my book meant good bye forever. That was something I never wanted to tell Louis of all people. What if I'd said something, stop letting my fears rule me. There was two things I was afraid of. One of them I overcame the other one I was still working on. One was burying the ones I loved, the second was telling Louis how I felt.

I shook my head, and sniffed slightly. Niall was right. The what ifs were going to kill me, now I'd be stuck with asking them. Tears had started pouring out my eyes when he left. I had made no attempt to even wipe them away or try to hide them. No one could comfort me right now. I just had to tell myself that I was doing the right thing.

He was better off without me. We wouldn't have ever made it anyway. Our worlds were completely different from each other. He was famous, and well I wasn't.

Though he was willing to over look that. That voice in the back of my head, hadn't shut up since he left. It was in the back of my mind nagging me nonstop. Telling me how stupid I was for letting Louis go like that. Letting him just walk- well ride out of my life like that. It was as if my brain and heart were at war with each other. Currently my heart was the wining.

Slowly I stood up off the porch, stepped down the steps and just stared off into the distance. This was the last time I was going to look. The last time I was going to think about Louis. After that I'd put him out of my mind forever. If that was even possible. Which I had a feeling it wasn't.

I took a step forward as something white caught my eye. My curiosity had gotten the better of me so I walked towards it. I don't know why I thought it looked so out of place. Just mingling in with the dirt on the ground, since it didn't have one spec of dirt on it. When I got closer to it, I noticed it was had a rectangle shape and was a couple inches long.

A gasp left me when I flipped the paper over after picking it up. The black and white photo caused so many emotions to swell up in me. That I couldn't even decipher what I was feeling at the time. Somehow the picture that Harry had kept for blackmail had possibly fell from his bag. The question was how did it end up here?

I had forgotten all about this picture. The one that had me kissing Louis on the roller coaster that night. How of all places it ended up here, instead of being picked up by the wind. It could have just been luck, so I could have one thing from Louis to hold onto. One thing that would remind me of the boy I let go.

I sighed. I was supposed to be letting him go, not remembering him. With that in mind I shoved the picture deep in my pocket.

You'll never forget him.

That voice in the back of my head was starting to get to be very annoying. The thing is the voice was telling the truth. Louis would stay with me for the rest of my life. If I ever fell in lov-. Was I in love with him? I've never been in love with anybody before to know how it feels. Though whatever I was feeling for him was strong.

It didn't matter anymore though. He was gone, and was never coming back. When I turned around I nearly screamed. Because Andrew was standing right behind me holding a medium sized box in his hand. If I weren't feeling so down right now, I possibly would have hit him. I hated when people snuck up on me.

He looked amused as he held back a laugh."What are you doing?" He questions a smile forming on his lips.

"Nothing." I glance down at the box."What is that?"

His face lights up at the mention of the box. So I assumed that it must have been a car part or something. Andrew always loved fixing up old cars in his spare time."It's the part for there bus."

Again I passed it off as just another coincidence. Just another weird event that chose to happen right now. Right after Louis left. It didn't mean anything.

Keep telling yourself that.

"How long will it take you to put it on the engine?" Why was I asking him this I didn't know. It wasn't like I was thinking of going after him. That would be impossible, would it?

He smiles wider, while shifting the box in his hands."Actually it'll only take me a couple of minutes to attach the parts. Then i'll start that bad boy up and bam."

I couldn't help but smile when he said that. Him being happy brought a little happiness to me, though it soon faded away. As the the current situation I was in came back to me.

"Hope you have fun." I told him, my tone slightly bitter. His brow rose at my comment.

"You know Blake you could just call him. Tell him how you feel." Andrew said, while sitting the box down.

I shook my head,"I'm trying to forget about him." I paused as I tried to form a convincing lie."If you just get that bus out of here, I could get on with my life." I tell him, making him cross his arm over his chest.

His brown eyes narrowed, jaw clenching slightly."You don't have to lie to me. I'm your brother for crying out loud, I can literally see right through you."

I cross my arms over my chest,"You can't see right through me." That was a lie too. Knowing he could see every thing that I'd try to hide from everyone else.

"Oh so I don't know that you're in love with Louis?" I opened my mouth to say something but he stops me."See I know you more than you do, You may not know that you love him but I do."

He was right. I did love Louis and the fact that it took me till now to realize this. How could I have let him leave me? It was unlike me to not fight for what I wanted. Though the fear of getting my heart broke controled me. But if there was still time I'd make this right.

"How could I have been so stupid." I glanced down, letting my eyes tear up slightly.

"Your right about that." My head shoots up quickly to glare at him. Was he seriously insulting me right now?"Are you serious? since you're so smart then what do you think I should do?"

A smug look appeared on his face."I knew at some point you'd realize your mistake." He walks around me, a grin forming on his face."So I made a two hour drive to the airport a four hour drive."

I blink a couple times, before answering. Andrew knew I'd want to go after Louis before I did? I could have laughed at this point. Because I'd always thought I was the smarter twin. In school my grades were higher than in his. And plus everyone knew girls were smarter than boys. I guess I was wrong.

I flung myself at him,"Andrew you're a genius."

He caught me in his arm."I know." Then he quickly placed me back on the ground. A serious looked crossed his features."But we could still miss him if you don't hurry up."

"You're right." My voice is determined and firm. This was it I was going to find Louis and finally confess my feelings to him.

Took you long enough.

Seriously though that voice was getting on my nerves.

[Author's note]- This is suppose to be a short chapter. Guess you could call it a filler chapter to keep you guys on your toes. So I'm still debating on how I should end this story. Because I've got two ways I could end this, and two sequels for each ending(Ha double checked for typos this time :))

Either way both endings will be good.

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