Louis's POV

He had to come now. Why now? I was beyond furious and sadden at the fact that we'd have to leave now that Simon was here. He would only give us a few more days. I had to tell to tell Kendall she deserved to know though I couldn't find her. Andrew he was standing up by a man, a man who I had never seen while I was here.

"Andrew." I called his name as I approached him. He looked up at me curiously, as if he didn't expect me be here. He told the man something before walking over towards me. He had this pained look on his face. A look that I wasn't used to seeing on him.

"I wasn't expecting you to still be here." He says to me, in a low voice as he stares at me. Something was wrong.

I frown at his comment why wouldn't I still be here."Do you know where Kendall is? Because I can't find her anywhere and I've got something important to tell her." I tell Andrew.

His frown deepens more, then he tilts his head to the side."You mean to tell me that she didn't tell you?" Andrew asks. What didn't she tell me?

"I have no idea what you're talking about. Though she was trying to tell me something.." I let my sentence hang as I caught sight of Andrew's face. It had drastically changed in a split second to one that resembled complete fury.

"So you ignored her then?" He questioned with a slight change to his voice. His teeth were clenched as he spoke, his fists became clenched at his sides. As if he were itching to hit something or someone. He took a threatening step closer to me.

I stepped back."What was she going to tell me?"

Andrew rolled his eyes,"Maybe you should have listened to her." Andrew snapped back harshly. Stepping more into me with an intimidating stance.

I stepped closer to him,"Please Andrew can you tell me?" I pleaded with him. Hopping he'd tell me because I had a feeling it'd be bad.

He sighed, then ran a hand down his face trying to calm down."Foster passed away, and I'm guessing she was going to tell you that. Being the idiot that you are you blew her off."

"I-I d-didn't know." I stuttered over my words, as a sudden wave of guilt overwhelmed me."Do you know where I can find her?"

Andrew shook his head."I can't believe that I trusted you with her." He mumbled to himself ignoring my question.


"No. I don't know where she went." He spat out angrily, then he turned and left me standing there. With a look of regret written all over my face.

What have I done? The one time when she needed me the most I wasn't there. I turned her away without one single glance. She must have thought that I didn't care. When in reality I really cared for her, hell I could even be in love with her. Something told me that I couldn't make this right even if I apologize a hundred times.

In Kendall's eyes this was probably the ultimate mistake I could make. I was walking but didn't even realize where I was going. How could I have been so insensitive, so careless with her feelings. Now I only had a short amount of time to possibly make this right.

How could I make it right? We had came to far for her just to not atleast hear me out. Though this was Kendall we were talking about. I came to an abrupt stop and took in my surroundings, I was standing on the dock of the lake. Kendall wasn't here. Maybe she had went home.

I couldn't bare the thought of her being home alone. Crying her eyes out into a pillow without someone there to comfort her. The thought hurt me it made a jolt of pain shoot through my heart. With my right hand I gripped at my pained heart. What would I even say to her?

I'm sorry that I wasn't there for you, but I'm here now. She'd probably punch me if I told her something like that. But what? What would I tell her.

Kendall I'm busy right now i'll talk to you later. That was the last thing I told her. Why did I tell her that I'm never to busy whenever it comes to her. Simon just made me so angry when he showed up, because I knew he'd make us leave. There wasn't anyway we'd be able to talk him out of it.

I knew we'd have to go back eventually, but not on bad terms. I had to find her but I couldn't bring myself to try to find her. I couldn't face her after what I'd done. God I was such a coward.

A coward that was on the verge of possibly loosing the girl he loved.

Author's note: I just had to give you guys a little insight on what Louis was thinking. So you think you'd forgive him if you were Kendall. Though I think it's funny that he thinks she's alone. :)

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