Chapter Thirty-Nine[Determination]

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Chapter Thirty-Nine[Determination]


You know that moment when you feel like everything in your life seems like it's coming together. Like everything just starts to make sense. Yeah well that was how I was feeling right now. Now that I was going after Louis, after the man that I loved. Yeah I said it love. I loved Louis. And if anyone asked me that I'd tell them the same.

"He's going to kill us before we even get to the damn airport!" Trent yells, as Andrew presses down harder on the gas pedal. He was going a hundred in a forty mile zone. Normal I wouldn't encourage this but since we were the only ones on the back road. All we had to worry about was something running out onto the road.

"Hey Trent, I've got this just sit back and relax." Andrew tells him, with a smirk on his face. Though he never took his eyes off the road. Which was a good thing for us.

"Sit. Back. And. Relax!" Trent was gripping his seat belt tightly. His light brown eyes were wide as saucers when Andrew hit a bump in the road.

He had every right to be terrified. Hell I was sacred, when I told Andrew to get us there as fast as possible. I didn't think he'd over do the speed limits. Though I didn't know what was more terrifying losing Louis or letting Andrew drive. Something told me that I'd lose him anyway if I crashed and died.

"Andrew maybe you should slow down-"

"Maybe? I want to live dammit!" I could have slapped Trent for his loud outburst. In fact I couldn't stop myself from back handing him upside the head. He was overreacting.

"Trent if you don't calm down. I swear I'm going to push you out of the truck." I snapped, angrily letting my words sink in."While it's still moving."

He snapped his mouth shut at my warning. Sure I wouldn't push him out of the truck while we were going a hundred. I'd tell Andrew to slow down some then I'd push him out. Stopping was not part of our planned schedule. Which was get to the airport as fast as we can. Then find Louis and confess my feeling for him. Yeah, stopping wasn't apart of our plan.

My gaze snapped towards Andrew, who seemed to be enjoying this. He had a big smile on his face, as he stared down the road ahead of us. Andrew was way worser than me when he got behind the wheel of a truck. That was one of the reasons he learned how to fix cars up, it wasn't because he was proned to crashing them. No it was because he loved to make them go faster.

"Oh shit!" I cursed loudly when Andrew hit a sharp turn. That sent me falling over onto Trent who seemed to be praying. At least he was somewhat calm now.

"Damn. The Duke boys have nothing on me." Andrew grins, as he turns another sharp turn. My eyes widen slightly at his reference to Bo and Luke Duke. From the Dukes Of Hazzards. What did he think this was a movie?

I'll have to remind myself to break every dvd that has anything to do with cars. Especially anything that had to do with the Dukes Of Hazzards. I think as I grip onto Trents free hand for support. How I'd let him convince us to take the short cut to the airport. Which consisted of sharp turns more back roads, just about abandoned roads.

Sure when he told me how he'd shown Simon the longer route to the airport. I was excited that he would do that for me, knowing I'd want to go after Louis. When he'd even offered to drive me there I'd agreed to that also. Why I'd ignored Trent when he told me not to let him drive was beyond me.

"He's going to kill us." Trent says to himself or atleast I thought I wasn't suppose to hear it. Sadly though I agreed with him, Andrew was going to kill us.

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