Chapter Twenty-Eight Brothers

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Chapter Twenty-Eight Brothers

Louis's POV

Her lips felt so soft against mine, as our lips moved in sync. I loved the fact that she wasn't experienced because that meant I could teach her. God I loved the way her body felt against mine, it was a perfect fit. I couldn't think; Barely even breath.

She moaned when I pressed my lower half into her. Louis jr. Was extremely excited with how close we were. Though I knew if we didn't stop someone was bound to catch us. That someone was probably going to be Andrew, but for Kendall I was willing to take that risk.

It wasn't like I'd get an opportunity like this again. To be this close to the girl I liked, no maybe I even loved her. At the thought of the feeling not being mutual, I pulled my lips away from hers. Slowly I placed little trails of kisses down her neck, nipping and sucking as I did this.

Maybe I was taking advantage of her hormones that I knew were going crazy. Her breathing was ragged as she tried but failed to catch her breath. I wanted to feel her lips again, I needed them. My lips found her's quickly.

Licking her bottom lip for entrance, my tongue quickly went in search for her's. Just as it found her's I was thrown back into the other wall, while she was sent falling to the floor. Jumping to my feet I prepared myself for a fight.

"Andrew," Kendall stood, her face was beet red as she rubbed her butt."please don't fight him."

Strangely Andrew didn't punch me, but from the vein pulsing in his neck I knew he was past angry. His face on the other hand was blank and void of any emotion. He looked from me to Kendall, until his eyes landed on me."Louis I need to talk to you."

He walked past us, and towards the door expecting me to follow. Manning up I followed behind his retreating figure.

"Louis don't." Kendall grabbed my arm, stopping me from moving. So she did care about me.

"Let him go Kendall." Andrew demanded, as he held open the door. Her grip on my arm loosed until, she dropped it.

Without looking back I walked towards the open door, then out of it. Before I could walked down the steps Andrew shoved me off the porch and onto the ground. Quickly I rolled over but couldn't dodge the kick to my stomach, that had me doubling over in pain. Even I knew I couldn't beat Andrew in a fight, but I wouldn't back down.

Though before I could fight back he had yanked to my feet. He brushed my shoulders off, then stepped back away from me."Now that I got that out of my system. Come walk with me."

Was he serious right now? I wanted to hit him but I stopped myself. Somehow he knew I wasn't going to attack him because he had his back turned to me. Mumbling I trailed behind him slightly as he walked. He slowed down so I could catch up with him, so that I was walking beside him.

Our feet moved in sync as we walked down the dirt road, in silence."Look Louis, when it comes to my sister. I can get a little mean. But you have to understand that I only want what's best for her." Andrew said.

"I understand that, and I know you'll never want me to be with her." I replied.

"You didn't let me finish." He stopped and ran a hand through his brown hair, that was beginning to grow out."Louis you're what's best for her."

Was I hearing him right? Did he just say that I was best for Kendall. This must be a joke? "Wait a minute I thought you hated me?"

Andrew shrugged."I don't hate you. I mean come on you have little sisters. You know the deal."

I nodded, knowing I wouldn't like any of the boys my sisters dated."So you do actually like me?" I questioned, while looking at him.

"Well I didn't say that. I did just catch you tonguing down my sister in the hall." He paused, letting the memory sink in."So as of right now I'm not really to kin on liking you." Andrew said, as he gave me a half smile.

"That's understandable."

"We should get back, knowing her she probably thought I took you off somewhere to fight you." He joked, as he looked at me.

"Its a good thing that you didn't though right?"

He smirked, an identical but boyish smirk that resembled Kendall's."Though I'm not going to say that I didn't think about doing it."

"You're serious aren't you?" I asked, as he walked away from me. Though I could see him laughing as he did it. He was serious. We quickly walked back to the house, with me questioning him along the way. When we reached the house he stopped me before I could go in.

"Louis just a warning. I'm trusting you with my little sister, if you hurt her." He paused, stepping closer to me so know one could overhear what he was about to say.

"If you do hurt her. I'll cut off your most prized possession." I gulped, and gripped Louis Jr. Knowing that he was threatening to rid me of my man hood.

He smiled, as he opened the door."You don't have to worry about me hurting her."

"Oh I know." Andrew replied, as he shut the door behind him.

Authors note: So this is really just a filler chapter. And I've decided to cast Lucy Hale as Alex, trust me guys she's going to be an important character. In the next book.

Oh and another thing I started a book that's going to be filled with ID christmas one shots. So post there if you want one.

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