"Blake wake up." The sound of my brothers voice filled the silent room. Groaning, I buried myself deeper under my bed sheets. Today I really didn't feel like seeing Louis, Then again I did want to see him. It was complicated, and utterly confusing. At one point I wanted to apologize, then at another I wanted to hit him again.

"Andrew go away." He yanked the sheets off of me."Andrew!" I cried, as I sat up in my bed. What would he have done if I was naked under my sheets? He didn't see me go around yanking covers off of people.

"Look before you bite my head off." he held his hands up in surrender,"I just thought that you should know that the fair is in town, well in decatur." Andrew told me as he shifted on his feet.

Andrew loved the fair ever since he was a kid. He loved everything about it, the rides, the games, the food, even the people. Me on the other hand I just loved the rides. Other small towns like ours visited the fair when it came. And almost everyone with kids went to it.

"So." I snapped harshly."If Louis is going then I'm not." I pulled the covers back over my head. A loud sigh came from him, then the sheets were yanked off of me again. This time he threw my sheets on the floor away from me. He really wanted to make me angry.

"Just this once Blake, can you please just forget about the little argument you and him had."

"The whole thing was his fault." I replied, angrily crossing my arms over my chest. It was Louis's fault, if he would have just kept his mouth shut. Of course I knew that I had played some part in the argument. If I wanted to attack a crazy women, I should have been aloud too.

Andrew shook his head,"Kendall, I didn't come in here to start an argument. I just come to give you this." he reached for something on the floor, my eyes widen when I noticed the wrapped up present.

"Thanks but what is it for." I asked, as I looked at the neatly wrapped gift. Trent obviously did the wrapping, because Andrew sucked at wrapping gifts. He didn't suck at buying them though.

He frowned,"You seriously don't remember what day it is?" Andrew questioned, as I eagerly played with the red bow on the box. I looked up at him in confusion.

Well I knew it wasn't christmas yet that was for sure. He wasn't the type to just get me a random present, for no reason. What was so special about today? I shook my head.

"Seriously Kendall?" he paused as he looked at my confused expression."It's our birthday!" Andrew exclaimed.

My mouth flew open in shock,"Andrew I'm so sorry. It's just been a lot going on lately." I paused trying to think of something to say."I'll make it up to you Andrew." I promised.

"Oh, don't worry you will. Hurry up and get dressed, because the faster you're dressed means the faster we can leave." Andrew stood up and walked towards the door, he paused in the door way."Wear the present I got you."

I looked at the box, before tearing the wrapping paper. He has never once bought me clothes before, so I was curious. Hopefully his taste in clothes were good. A smile made its way on my face, as I eyed the yellow sundress. The dress was simple and pretty, just the way I liked it. I frowned.

How could I forget his birthday? It was in fact my birthday too. Things have just been so crazy lately that it must have slipped my mind. Sighing, I ran a hand through my messy brown hair. Grabbing the dress in my hand I made my way out of my room, and towards the shower.

The bathroom was empty when I got to it, thankfully. Last thing I needed was for a run in with Louis. He was the last person I wanted to see, then again I did want to see him. That didn't even make sense. I never liked it when my emotions were all over the place.

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