Chapter Thirty-two Andrew

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Chapter Thirty-two Andrew


I took her hand in mine as when she said she wanted to go to Fosters house. Was she ready to go back in there? She didn't look like she was.

"Let me get my shoes." I told her not denying her wishes. Whatever she wanted she was going to get it.

She glanced down at my feet, then looked back up at me with a confused expression on her face."You have shoes on your feet."

I glanced down, and smiled a small smile as I looked back up. Guess I never took them off when I came home last night. After getting Fosters burial plans done I had noticed that most of the night was gone. I was exhausted and frustrated and all I wanted to do was sleep, even if it was for only two hours."Guess I never took them off."

She stared at me for a second, until Louis walked into the kitchen. Her gaze immediately locked with his, quickly as their gazes locked she averted her gaze. My brow rose when when Louis walked over to the fridge and angrily yanked it open. Which caused some of the food to fall out, making him curse out loud.

Kendall had already started towards the door."Niall." I glanced over my shoulder at the blonde. Who sat staring at an angry Louis.

He glanced up at me."Oh i'll just stay here-"

"I wasn't asking you to come I was actually telling you." I cut him off, shocking him slightly with my rudeness."I don't won't anymore holes in my wall." I told him, pointing towards the open door that Kendall was holding open.

Niall stood, then shoved his hands in his pants pocket. Louis was leaning against the fridge staring at Niall when he walked past. As if he was jealous that I didn't tell him to come along. Truthfully they all needed some space away from each other.

Though if he continued to attack people, and put holes in my wall. I'd surely have to go a round with him, that'll ease the tension slightly. Sometimes you needed to hit something to relive stress, or get into some other things. The later would ease my stress more. Kendall walked a few steps ahead of Niall and me.

Sometimes I wish I knew what she was thinking. Just so I could make sure that she was truly okay, with going to Fosters place. Still I would let her set her own pace in recovering. Losing the people she truly cared about has never been easy for her. In fact that was just about the only thing that could truly break her.

That's why I didn't inform her about the little situation with burying Foster. We had little money as it is, and funerals were expensive. Though I knew I could get the townsfolk to chip in. Even though they didn't associate with Foster like we had. They'd still be more than willing to help out.

We passed the same houses as we did everyday, but the trip itself seemed longer. The fact that our little walk was silent made everything move much slower. What could I do or say? When it came to things like this I was useless.

As we approached the house I took a couple of long strides, till I was walking next to Kendall."Blake are you sure you're ready for this?" I asked, knowing all to well that she'd say she was.

To my surprise she shook her head then I felt her hand grip mine. She was afraid. When we were kids she would always hold my hand when she got scared. Without saying anything else I squeezeed her hand reassuring her that I was her support. I had always been and will still be the support she needed.

Kendall hesitated before pushing the brown picket fence open. I glanced over my shoulder remembering that Niall was with us. He looked agitated as he shifted from one foot to the other."Niall you can wait outside if you want." I offered.

Some people didn't like going in houses that people died in. Maybe Niall was one of those people. He nodded, as we started to walk down the little dirt trail that led up to the house. An eerie feeling washed over me suddenly, though I pushed it aside. I was never a strong believer in ghost but I knew they existed.

We both stopped in front of the door, neither one of us dared to open the door. Kendall looked up at me an unsure look on her face. Then she reached out and pushed the door open.

[Author's note] So this chapter is really short, because I wasn't used to Andrew's point of view. Now, that I think about it this story might have atleast ten chapters left. Depending on how many pages I write in each chapter. Also guys I don't tell you this enough. Thank you for all the support the comments, the votes all pushed me to continue to write this story. If it weren't for you guys I don't know where I'd be. If you have any question don't be afraid to ask.

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