Chapter Thirty-Three Fosters House

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Chapter Thirty-Three Fosters House


Numb. That's how I felt as I stepped into Fosters house. A faint smell still lingered in the air, his smell. It was almost suffocating and comforting at the same time. Everything had been just the way he left it, down to the dusk covering the pictures on the wall.

"Are you okay?" I jumped slightly as Andrew spoke beside me. For a moment I had forgotten he was there. Except for the warmth radiating from his warm hand, he'd gone silent when we entered.

My lips quirked up trying to form a smile, though I'm sure it came out as a grimace."I'm fine Andrew." I replied, cringing at the lie.

His brow rose,"You're still a horrible lier." Andrew tells me, grinning as he squeezed my hand.

This time I smiled a real smile. He could always make me smile even when I didn't want too. With him beside me I felt like I wouldn't run away. Run away like I did when Foster told me he was dying, still I wished I could take that back. If my dream was correct then that meant he had forgiven me.

With that in mind I gripped on tighter to Andrew's hand. As I led him towards the stairs that I was dreading walking up. His office was just a couple steps away I thought as the stairs creaked under us. Why did I feel slightly spooked? We quickly walked down the hallway towards the office.

I hesitated, my hand felt heavy against the cool doorknob. An overwhelming feeling of fear set in me. It wasn't like I'd see someone sitting in the office, or a ghost."Andrew can you open the door?"

He nodded, without hesitating he pushed the door open. Revealing nothing but an empty, though still messy office. I never once worked up enough nerve to ask how or where he died. Though I knew for a fact that it was definitely in his house. The thought of him dying alone killed me, I should have been there.

We walked fully into the office, hands still intertwined. He probably had no clue why we were in here. My eyes scanned the room and landed on the only picture hanging on the wall. Taking a deep breath I released Andrew's hand. Then walked towards the picture my breath caught in my throat as I stared at it.

There hanging on the wall was a picture of the four of us at a barbecue. Andrew was standing at the grill a big grin on his face. While me and Foster sat at the table, talking about something. Trent had decided to take the picture when everyone wasn't looking. Then he jumped into the picture at the last minute smiling like the idiot he is.

Sure it wasn't the most planned out picture but it was one of my fondest memories. Those memories were all I had left now. A sigh left me as I reached up and took the picture off the wall, like Foster said their was a safe behind it.

"It's a safe." I barely heard Andrew's confused tone. As I reached out to turn the combination of the lock. A faint clicking sound echoed off the walls, and I inhaled. Whatever was in this safe must have been important.

I gripped the picture to my chest as I opened the safe. A confused look must have crossed my face, as I stared into the empty case. Their was nothing but a slip of piece of paper, which confused me even further.

"Maybe you should read it?" Andrew told me. I turned to him and gave him one of those looks. What else could I possibly do but read the paper. It was obviously something on the note. He only returned my stare with a grin and shrugged.

Without wasting another moment I pick up the paper, and flipped it around in my hands. I don't know why I was prolonging the suspense so I just opened it. The note itself wasn't written by Foster, but was typed. He didn't own a computer so he must have went to Galton to do it. Or someone must have typed it up for him, because the letter looked so official.

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