The Invasion


With my belly placed flat on the ground I positioned myself properly. Shifting the rifle on my shoulder slightly so I could get a better shot, I focused my scope on the white rabbit ahead. It just so happened to be lurking around in my friend's mom's garden. If she saw it she'd have a fit for sure. I blew my dark brown hair out of my face as I readied the shot. Carefully I placed my finger on the trigger and waited for the right moment. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly, then I squeezed the trigger.

"Kendall!" A voice bellowed loudly from behind me.

"Dammit." Cursing silently to myself as the bullet whizzed past the now fleeing rabbit. I sighed at least he won't be coming back anytime soon. Narrowing my eyes I turned slowly to see Chaire practically jumping up and down, her light brown eyes held excitement.

This peaked my interest because nothing exciting ever happened around here. '"This better be good because I never miss a mark." I sighed, as I placed the rifle on the ground next to me.

"A bus broke down I the middle of our town!" She squealed. Her blonde hair flew around as she started to hop up and down. I stood up to my feet in a hurry and grabbed her shoulders. There was a chance she could be lying but I threw that out the window because she wouldn't lie.

It wasn't every day that we got visitors in our small town, frankly I can't even remember the last time we had a visitor. Growing up in a small town where everybody knew everyone tended to get, I don't know... boring. Newcomers would be entertaining for a while until they left then it would be back to keeping the rabbits out of the garden. Fun, yeah right.

"Well what you waiting for, let's go." I spoke as I grabbed her arm. She was smiling to herself as we walked down the dirt road. She was always the happy one of the group, someone could die and she'd be looking towards the brighter side of the situation. But that's Chaire for you. Sometimes I wished I could be just like her all happy and lucky all the time.

'Chaire, Ken" Olivia came running up to us." Tell me it's true or was Jacob just lying to me."

"Olivia, what are you talking about?" Chaire asked with a confused look on her face.

As if it was even possible her dark eyes got ten times wider. "The bus? I didn't want to go into the middle of town looking stupid. You remember the last time your bother lied to me, don't you Chaire" She asked.

"I didn't tell you to believe him." She responded with a smirk on her face. She reached out and laced her arm through Liv's arm.

"She'll believe anything Jacob says." I teased. It was a true fact that she had a crush on Chaire's brother Jacob. I didn't blame her he was cute, with his short blonde hair and hazel eyes. He was definitely a looker, that wasn't very common around these parts.

"Whatever." She mumbled as she pulled us along.

Everyone was standing in the street you'd think it was some sort of gathering. I shook my head as I stared at the large bus in front of me. We pushed through the crowd t so we could get a better look at the bus.

"Why on earth would somebody put their faces on a bus!" Someone exclaimed loudly in disbelief.

Cringing I held my right ear in pain." Why on earth would yell in my ear Marina." I complained angrily as I glared at her. She backed away slowly and put her hands up as if she was surrendering. I shook my head at her it wasn't like I was going to attack her or something. I knew I had a reputation around these parts but I didn't go around beating up people.

"One Direction." Liv read out loud to herself.

"Who the hell is One Direction?" I blurted out.

Just then the door to the bus came open; a tall man who looked to be forty stepped out of the bus. The muscles bursting through his shirt were meant to be intimidating, but to me they looked ridiculous. He reminded me of a guard dog.

"Is anyone in this town a mechanic?" His voice was loud but soft it definitely wasn't what I was expecting it to be. He flashed us a friendly smile before stepping out of the bus.

"I am sir." My brother Andrew said as he casually walked up. He sent a smile my way before looking at the man. "I'm Andrew; I think I might be able to help you." They went directly to the front of the bus and popped open the hood.

My curiosity got the better of me. That is a big bus and I'm sure there are more people inside of it. But it would be rude of me to just go in without out asking. I smile crept its way upon my face as an idea popped into my head.

"Ken, what are-"I interrupted Olivia just when she was about to question me. A loud whistle echoed through the air, and then on queue my dog hurricane came barreling through the crowd. He jumped up on me and started to lick my face.

"Down boy," I said with a smile on my face. Hurricane was a two year old husky who I can say was very welled trained.

"Looks like somebody has a plan," Chaire sang as she looked at me. With my brow raised I stared at her with a blank expression. She only shrugged and continued to stare at the bus with as much curiosity as the other had.

Bending over I picked up a stick Hurricane instantly got happy. "Want the stick boy," I said as I waved the stick over his head, his tail was moving rapidly, "Go fetch the stick boy." I held the behind my back as he bolted on the bus. We waited as we heard slight screams coming from the bus; there was definitely someone on there.

"Someone lose their dog?" My eyes zoned in on the curly head boy who spoke with a British accent. I knew one thing for sure that he wasn't from around here and that meant he wasn't to be trusted.

So this is my first story on wattpad and yes it's a 1D fan-fic. I wanted to take a different twist at writing this so I thought why not let them not be famous for once. Well technically their still famous but the townfolks don't know it. So tell me what you think should I continue, is it good or bad.

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