Chapter Five Realization

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"Look, Liam," I said as I shoved the magazine in his face. He looked from me and then back to the magazine.

"I don't get what I'm supposed to be looking at." He replied as he took the magazine from me. His eyebrows were furrowed together in confusion. It wasn't that hard to figure out, was it? It was like putting a puzzle together.

"They only get magazines about farming down here." I pointed out. I was trying to make it easier on him by giving him hints. I wanted him to get it without saying anything to him.

"And..." He trailed off as he flipped through the magazine pages.

I sighed, I guess I'd have to spell it out for him because he still was not getting my point, "And, they only get country stations down here." I responded nudging him.

"I'm still not following you, Lou." He admitted.

Groaning, I sat down on the bed and took the magazine from him. "Okay listen carefully, Liam." I spoke slowly so he could keep up.

He rolled his eyes at me. "Just spit it out." He snapped. Did he always have to spoil my fun?

"They have no idea who we are. Mainly, because we're not country singers." I said as I stood up. He looked as if he was thinking about what I'd said. Then confusion washed over his face.

"So, none of them probably have cell phones, because there is no cell service out here." Liam said sadly as he looked at his phone. He had been trying to contact his girlfriend since he got here. They had gotten into this huge fight right before we left.

I patted his back "Look on the bright side, Liam. We're stranded in a place where no one knows us." I said.

"Perfect." Liam muttered lowly.

I was about to tell him it was alright, but loud sounds from the hallway interrupted us. We both looked at each other before jumping up and running out the room. Liam and I stopped as we came upon the ridiculous scene in front of us.

"You're so stupid!" Kendall yelled as we watched her and Harry roll around on the floor. Zayn was standing in the bathroom watching the whole scene unfold. I'm guessing he wasn't planning on stopping the fight anytime soon. I was debating on watching too, until Andrew and Trent ran up. Trent had a shocked look plastered on his face as he watched Andrew pick Kendall up off of Harry.

"Blake, why the heck are you two fighting?" Andrew managed to get out as he made Kendall calm down. It didn't look like it was an easy thing to do considering the fact that she was still fighting against him.

"She's crazy." Harry yelled as he threw his hands up in the air. "And she attacked me first." He added. I personally thought the whole situation was funny. Harry is used to girls throwing themselves at him, I wonder if he still likes it. I chuckled lightly at the thought of that, but when I looked up everyone was giving me weird looks.

"I got to the bathroom before him and he was trying to use it before I do." She replied as she glared Harry's way. She looked like she was capable of going another round with him. She probably wanted another round. I couldn't help but notice how cute she looked when she was mad. That is one reason why I liked getting on her nerves all the time. Wait, were they seriously fighting over the bathroom.

"No, I was there first." Harry retorted. Yep, they were fighting over the bathroom. However, I'm pretty sure the real reason they were fighting was because they didn't like it each other.

"Seriously guys, there is more than one bathroom in the house." Andrew said with a smile on his face. At least I wasn't the only one that thought this was funny. Kendall glared at Andrew before turning on her heel and stomping off loudly. We heard the front door downstairs slam indicating that she'd left the house. I couldn't help but wonder if she was going to use it outside.

Harry went into the bathroom and shut the door leaving us in the hallway. I'm guessing the drama was all over now because I was the only one still standing in the hallway. I stuck my hands and my pocket and walked down the stairs and out the door. I didn't really know where I was going but I didn't think I could get lost. I was just bored and I wanted to explore the little town. It wasn't every day that I got to take a walk without being mobbed by fans.

After walking for a couple of minutes I walked past a little girl, she smiled at me and I smiled back as I kept walking. I could hear soft footsteps trailing behind me as I walked. Was that little girl following me? I turned my head around to see, she was definitely following me. I slowed my pace down so she could keep up with me.

"You wouldn't happen to be following me would you?" I asked in a playful manner as I turned to look at her. She stopped as soon as I did and looked at the ground. She didn't say anything she only shrugged and peaked at me through her black hair. So I had a shy shadow now.

"You know instead of walking behind me you could walk beside me. I'm in need of some company." I offered the little girl. I couldn't tell how old she was but I'm guessing maybe eight to twelve. She still didn't say anything. I shrugged and started to walk slowly away, I was sure she was going to follow. I smiled when she stared to walk next to me; she was still staring at the ground though.

"Celia, but you can call me Cece." She whispered lowly. I had to strain my ears just to hear here speak. But at least she was talking. It may not have been above a whisper but hey, beggars can't be choosers.

"I'm Louis, but my friends call me Lou." I replied.

"So does that mean I can call you Lou?" She asked. Her voice was a little bit louder this time and she actually looked up at me. I could make out her facial features; her brown eyes were a little red and puffy looking. She must have been crying when I came along.

"Yeah, you can." I responded with a friendly smile on my face. Her face lit up with a smile when I said this and little giggles left her. How could someone be sad and quiet one minute and then start giggling the next? I shrugged I'll never understand women, even little ones.

"I've never had a friend before. Most of the kids around here think I'm weird and they won't play with me." She spoke lowly but in a happier tone. Kids are so mean these days. How could they mean to this sweet little girl. Granted she seemed a bit odd but normal people tended to be boring anyway.

"Well Cece there is nothing wrong with being weird. I mean just look at me, I'm as weird as you can get!" I pointed to myself and smiled. Cece laughed at me she took my hand in hers and began to pull me away.

"I want to show you around."

After minutes of walking around with Cece I stopped when I spotted Kendall. My mouth fell open I was utterly amazed as I watched her ride a black horse. The horse didn't amaze me, it was the fact that she had a big smile on her face as she rode the horse. I couldn't help but stare at her. It was like she was on another planet and didn't have a care in the world.

I don't think I've ever seen her smile before, it was only scowls and glares directed my way. I wondered what it would feel like to have her smile at me. She wasn't like any of the other girls I've met, and that is what made her interesting.

"Don't tell me you have a crush on Ken?" Cece questioned as she snapped me out of the trance I was in.

"Maybe I do, maybe I don't." I gave her a childish answer. She rolled her eyes at me as she leaned up against the wooden fence. I ran a hand through my hair and took a quick glance at Kendall before turning back to Cece.

"That used to be her horse you know." Cece said. "But when her parents left she had to give him to old man foster." Cece kept on talking when she saw that I was listening. "It was so sad because she really loved that horse of hers. But she couldn't afford to take care of him anymore." She finished and kicked around a pebble that was on ground.

I wanted to know more about Kendall, but I knew Kendall wouldn't tell me anything. Hell, she would barely talk to me. I knew I wouldn't feel right if I snooped around in her personal life. I sighed and as the devil and angel on my shoulders tried to talk to me. If I snooped I'd understand her more. If I didn't I probably wouldn't ever get to know her. I shook my head. I wouldn't pry into her life just for my own personal benefit.

"Come on Lou let me show you the lake."

Authors note: This chapter could have been longer but I'm not feeling well at the moment, but I had to write something for you guys. And could you guys help ne come up with a name for a male horse?

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