"Blake, take off the headphones." Andrew ordered. I just continued to ignore him; I should have never given him a key to my room. The only reason he got a key was because he kept on playing bad scenarios over and over and I got tired of listening to them. Like, what if I fell and hit my head and was knocked unconscious? I only gave him a key so he would shut up. I regret it now.  Big time.

"Blake, I know there isn’t any music playing." He walked over to my bed and stood in front of it. He rolled his eyes and picked up the cord to the headphones. "You could have at least plugged it in." 

"What is it, Andrew?" I hissed through clenched teeth. I knew he was going to talk to me about our visitors. My plan was to stay far away and nobody would get hurt, meaning I wouldn't hurt them. Well, in Harry's case, meaning I wouldn’t hurt him again.

"You were supposed to be nice to them." Andrew reminded me. He sat down on my bed and gave me “the Look”. “The Look” was a mix between disappointment and something else I couldn't read. I've always hated that face of his. It was very...annoying but also pretty effective when he wanted his way.

Sighing, I jumped off the bed and went to get out of my clothes. "I don't see why they have to stay with us." I admitted as I searched for a shirt. I really needed to take a shower so I could cool down. Andrew was not helping my bad mood get better. In fact, he was making it worse.

"It wouldn’t have been right to let them stay in that bus." He shook his head when I turned to him. My face was void of all emotions, but it didn't matter; Andrew could read me like an open book.

"The bus would have been better than here." I mumbled lowly. I had a feeling he was going to have something to say to this subject that would either make me mad or feel guilty. He was the only person that I showed all my feelings to.

"Blake, you might try to hide behind this tough girl act of yours, but I can see straight through you no matter how hard you try." He said as he stared at me. A serious look was on his face as he sat on my bed. 

Avoiding eye contact I stared down at the floor boards.

"Whatever," I respond after a moment of silence. I grabbed my clothes and left him sitting in my room. Why did I have to have a twin anyway? You can't lie to them, even if you really wanted them too. 

Hurricane was following close behind me; he was trying to get my attention. He knew I was mad and only wanted to comfort me. "I'm okay boy. I just need a shower." I said. It wasn't like he could talk back, but I knew he could understand me.

Opening the bathroom door I froze when I caught sight of the blonde haired boy in the bathroom. I startled him just enough for him to jump causing the towel to drop. I averted my eyes from his lower area as I quickly closed the door. 

Leaning up against the wall outside of the bathroom, I could feel my face growing red. That was so awkward, but it wasn't like it didn't happen to other people. I warned Andrew about fixing the lock on the bathroom door. Then again if I had knocked this sort of thing wouldn't happen either. 

After a few minutes of me waiting, the bathroom had finally opened. The blonde stepped out and his face went red immediately when he saw me standing there."U-uhh, hey." He stuttered out.  I'm guessing this was the first time somebody walked in on him. Suddenly, I found the entire situation to be very amusing. 

Without muttering a word I pushed past him and went in the bathroom. "Hurricane, if anyone so much as tries to come near here, bite their heads off, okay?" He nodded and laid down in front of the door. I smiled; I had to have the smartest dog in the world. Adjusting the shower knobs, I stripped out of my dirty clothes and tossed them in the hamper. I stepped in the shower and began to wash myself off. I loved the smell of my kiwi body wash as I scrubbed it on my body.

When I finished up in the shower I threw on my pajamas, which consisted of a regular tank top and some shorts. I could smell food cooking down stairs as I stepped out of the bathroom. I smelled for the smell of burnt food in the hair and smiled when I didn't smell any. If it was burnt it meant Andrew was cooking and if it smelled eatable Trent was cooking. I loved my twin but he couldn't even boil water without almost burning  the house down in the process.

I groaned when I heard multiple voices in the kitchen. They quieted down when I entered the kitchen. Rolling my eyes I stepped off the last step of the stairs and walked over to the pot of spaghetti. I smiled; Spaghetti and meatballs were my favorite. I piled a big pile of it on my plate, hopped onto the counter and began to eat. The talking had started up again but I made no attempt to join in it. I looked from each of the boys as they chatted with Trent and Andrew; they each had a unique look to each of them. My eyes gaze lingered on Louis for a moment but quickly shifted back to my plate when he caught me staring.

"Blake." I whipped my head up to look at Andrew. He smiled at me before pointing to each of the boys and telling me their names as he pointed. "I knew you wouldn't ask, so I'd thought I'd tell you." He explained as he looked at me. Well, he was right about one thing, but what he forgot to point out was that I didn't care to know their names. I sent him one of the fakest smiles I could; he chuckled and went back to talking. If I didn't like meatballs he would definitely have one chucked at his head right about now.

Suddenly I remembered that Chaire had her eyes on one of the boys. But which one was it? It wasn't the blonde, Niall, that’s for sure. How could I forget the one she was practically drooling over? Let me think hard, I wasn't really paying attention to the conversation she was having with Liv about the boy. But she did say something about black hair which could only mean she was talking about Zayn. I chuckled lowly as I looked him; she always went for the quiet ones.

You know that feeling that you get when someone's staring at you? Yeah that weird feeling that you can't shake off, that was the feeling I was getting. But from who? My eyes landed on a glaring Harry. I smirked at him as I noticed the bruise on his jaw. It was his own fault really but if he wanted to have a glare down we could. I would come out victorious, of course. His emerald eyes were trained on my mocha ones and neither of us blinked. I could still here the chattering of the others which meant they were oblivious to what was happening.

He didn't know who he was dealing with, I was the champ at staring contests and he was challenging me. This was hilarious. Not only did I bruise his face, I was about to do the same to his ego. Then again, I think I bruised both when I hit him the first time. Keeping my eyes on his, I slowly placed a fork full of spaghetti in my mouth and he did the same. His eyes were beginning to twitch and I knew he would cave soon. I just had to wait him out...oh wait... he just blinked. I smiled proudly. Kendall: 2, Harry: 0.

After dinner they stuck me with the dishes, but I didn't mind because it was my turn anyways. I hummed one of my favorite songs as I cleaned them. But just as always, someone had to interrupt me. This time it so happened to be Louis. He smiled a friendly smile at me but I didn't return it.

"I just came to see if you needed any help?" He asked as he shot his gaze to the sink full of dirty plates. I could have sent him away but I then this chore would go a lot slower without someone helping. Without muttering a word to him, I handed him a towel to dry the dishes as I washed them. I continued to hum as we worked in silence. As I finished washing the last dish I handed it to him and he dried it. 

He picked up the stack of dishes and looked at me, "So where should I put these?" I opened the cabinet, he placed the plates inside and I closed it. 

"We make a good team." He announced as he held his hand up. Did he seriously want me to give him a high five for helping me put away the dishes? He had another thing coming if he thought I'd ever do that.

"Look just because my brother let you stay doesn't mean we can be friends." I poked my finger in his chest, "So here's some good advice: stay the hell away from me, or else." I warned him. If he was smart he would take my advice.

"So no high five, then," He replied, lowering his hand.

I scoffed loudly and stomped off away from him. I nearly knocked Trent over when I collided with him in the hallway. I was about to say something when I noticed the tear streaks on his face. I don't ever remember seeing him sad. I was immediately concerned. He tried to walk away from me but I grabbed his arm before he could.

"Trent, what's wrong? Why have you been crying?" I questioned him. He sniffed before and looked around before facing me. 

"I don't want to talk about it, Ken." He replied and pulled away from me again. I sighed as I took his hand in mine and pulled him in his room. I closed the door behind us and watched as he sulked over to his bed. I wasn't really good at these types of conversations but that didn't mean I wouldn't try. I walked over to his bed and sat beside him.

"You know you can tell me anything right?" I asked him as I rubbed his back. It was comforting to some people; I just hoped that it would work for him. He inhaled sharply as he tried to stop from crying and then he exhaled. I was planning to sit here until he decided he wanted to talk because right now I knew he needed someone by his side. 

"I miss them, Ken." He choked out between sobs. Understanding washed through me as I realized he was talking about his family. It was so sad that his mom kicked him out just because he got HIV. She was scared and didn't want him giving it to his younger siblings. I didn't blame her for that but she could have let him come visit; Liv was the only one he got to see on a daily basis. Only if their mom didn't find out about it, however.

She wasn't very educated and that was probably why she didn't know how to deal with it. It wasn't like HIV be could be spread that easily but she didn't want to hear it. She threw his stuff out into the street and cut off all communication with him. It was a sad sight really to see him begging her and all she did was slammed the door in his face.

"I'm sorry, Trent." It wasn't the most helpful thing I could think of saying but like I said I wasn't good at these types of conversation. He chuckled dryly before bursting out in tears again. He laid his head on my lap and let his tears flow. I shrugged and started to stroke his brown hair as he cried. 

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