This how Kendall's hair looks nowI ----->


"I wasn't expecting Andy to go off to college." I told Louis as I looked over at him. He was rubbing his eyes."Louis are you crying?" I laughed.

He shook his head,"No. I just got something in my eyes that's all."

"Right, there is something in your eyes." I said, as I climbed out of bed to turn the tv off. The rain had started to slow down, and the moon had began to creep from behind the clouds.

I walked over to my dresser and pulled out a T-shirt, then a pair of black basketball shorts."Where are you going?" Louis questioned, as I grabbed a bra and a pair of underwear.

I smiled,"I'm going to take a shower." I closed the dresser and turned towards Louis.

"So I'm going to be in here all alone?" He asked with a pout. I would never admit this, but he looked so cute doing that.

I nodded,"Yeah, pretty much." I replied, with a smirk on my face. He pouted even more and I shook my head."Don't worry i'll be back." I laughed as I headed for the door.

"Can you bring me some more crackers when you come back?" He asked as he got comfortable in my bed. I nodded, then walked out of my room.

As I walked to the bathroom I passed Harry on the way. A sinister smile lit up Harry's face as he walked past me. Rolling my eyes in return, I walked into the bathroom and shut the door. I'm going to have to give Hurricane a bath soon, I thought as I stripped out of my clothes.

With that in mind I stepped in the shower and turned it on. The water felt nice against my skin as I washed the dirt off of me. Showering always made me feel refreshed, and better. Picking up my shampoo I squeezed some out into my hand.

Was it just me or was the smell of my shampoo a little different? I shrugged as I continued to wash my hair.

After washing my hair, I stepped out of the shower. I wrapped a towel around my hair, and body. Now where was my blow dryer? As I bent over to look in the cabinet, I hesitated before I opened it. Harry could have rigged it with some type of prank.

Then again what could he have done to the cabinets. Slowly I pulled the cabinet open and looked inside. I laughed when I noticed I was being paranoid. My blow dryer was at the back of the cabinet. That was weird because I don't remember leaving it there.

Shrugging I grabbed the blow dryer, then plugged it up. A scream left me as I turned the blow dryer on. A cloud of white stuff flew out onto my face. The bathroom door flew open revealing a scared Andrew.

His face quickly changed when he caught a glimpse of my face. An amused smile lit up his face, as he held in a laugh. Some brother he turned out to be.

"What happened? Kendall screamed." Trent asked as he held onto a wooden bat. He looked liked he was about to smash whatever made me scream. His expression changed when he caught sight of my white face.

"Now that's a prank." Andrew laughed, as he shook his head."flour in the blow dryer, a classic."

"I'm going to kill him." I yelled, as I snatched the towel off my head.

Andrew and Trent's laughter died down quickly. They both stared at me, with their mouths hanging open. The flour on my face wasn't that bad. Was it?"What?" I snapped.

"You should really look in a mirror." Trent said, stepping back from the open door. Andrew did the same. My eyes narrowed as I turned towards the mirror. A loud gasp left me as I was met with my reflection. Everything was still the same, the eyes, the face, except for the hair.

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