Chapter Fifteen- Mad Mammas And Superman

Louis POV

I groaned as I fell on the ground for the sixth time. If I just laid here I wouldn't get knocked down again. Kendall was one girl that I shouldn't have pissed off. What was I suppose to do? Tell her what I read? The messenger always got shot.

Niall came and stood over me, he stuck his hand out for me to take. Sighing I took his hand and stood up. If I had to take a beating I would, rather than hurt Kendall. Because that's something I didn't want to do.

Kendall stood down field, with her arms crossed and a death glare aimed at me. Even though she was possibly planing my death, she still looked hot. Niall passed me the ball, I shook my head and passed it back to him.

For some reason they kept passing me the ball, it was like they knew Kendall was out to get me. The ball rolled back in front of me and I sighed. Might as well get this over with.

"Liv..." A women's voice yelled, causing me to trip over the ball. I groaned as I rolled on my back, and stared up at the sky. Their was going to be bruises all over my body.

Liv's mom was stomping towards us with a scowl on her face. And for once I was actually happy to see the evil women. I still didn't like the look on her face though. And at the moment I wasn't willing to pull Kendall off of her.

"What did I tell you about hanging with them." She yelled angrily, as she reached out and grabbed Liv's arm. Liv cringed when her mother yanked her closer to her. My ears picked up on a popping sound when she yanked her.

"You could have just popped her shoulder out of place." Kendall spat out, as she walked closer to Liv's mom. Her fist were clenched at her sides.

She pointed a finger in Kendall's face."Now you listen to me, you are not aloud to come anywhere near my children." Liv's mom threatened.

"Miss-" Paul got in between the middle of the angry women. Even I wasn't that brave.

"Johnson." She responded.

"Miss Johnson, I don't think all of this is really necessary. How about we sit down and discus this like adults."

She shook her head and chuckled,"This discussion is over." she replied as she pulled Liv away from us. Georgia and Fiona trailed behind them with their heads held low.

I shook my head as I watched them walk away. I'm so lucky that my mom is nothing like that. I ran my fingers threw my sweaty hair, as I glanced over at Kendall. The look on her face was a pained and angry one.


She cut me off with a simple glare and turned to walk away.

"Let's go home guys." Andrew said. Nobody said anything on the way back to the house. Andrew was walking next to Kendall, with his arm draped over her shoulder. With the tension in the air, I couldn't even crack a joke or smile.

Night had started to creep up on us, and all I wanted to do was sleep. To many things were going on in my head at the moment, that I didn't even fill like eating. It wasn't like I was going to be missed at dinner time anyway.

The walk to the shower even felt long. When I passed by Kendall on the way, she didn't even look at me. I could take a glare but just ignoring me completely was childish. And it hurt. She just didn't understand that I was trying to protect her.

I didn't take long in the shower, because I just wanted to sleep. Sleep my problems and worries away if that was possible.

Opening the door to the room we were sharing. I sighed when I saw Harry laying on the bed, I just really wanted to be alone. And here he was spread across the bed. The least he could have did was moved over.

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