Chapter Thirty-Four [The Tables Have Turned]

Kendall's POV

He was ignoring me. When I would come in a room, he would make up an excuse to leave. We would pass each other in the house, and he'd act like I was invisible. This morning when I cooked breakfast he came down to eat, but talked to everyone but me. I even went as far as to stand in front of him, he just walked around me like I was a piece of furniture.

I'll admit it hurt a little. Okay it hurt a lot, not even Niall could get a smile out of me. Though he did try too but failed miserably. Louis was the one that was throwing a temper tantrum. How could he look so calm while I was seething on the inside and out. The thing is I couldn't find any comfort for this heart ache.

I had been outside all day shooting bottles as I tried to forget about Louis. Though it wasn't helping at all, not with the lingering thought of going to Foster's funeral. Truthfully I just wanted to just forget about all of it, just for a day.

The sound of glass breaking from being shot rang out, as the pellet whizzed through it in struck the fence. Maybe if I wasn't an excellent shot I could have focused on hitting a target, which would have took concentration. Instead I struggled to get Louis and Foster from my mind. I'd possibly have to focus on missing a shot.

"Kendall?" Harry's voice questioned from behind me. I didn't turn around.

"What do you want Harry?" I found myself automatically snapping, as I loaded the weapon.

"You've been outback all day. They're starting to worry about you." He sounded as if he was getting closer to me but I ignored him.

"That's nice." I shot the next glass, which breaks in half from the impact.

"They sent me out here to get you, well I did draw the shortest straw." He laughs at what I'm guessing was suppose to be a joke, but ended up stopping."Even Louis is worried."

At the mention of Louis's name I pause with the rifle in my hand. Harry could be lying to me. With that in mind I shake my head and ready my rifle for another pellet. Usually I toss my rifle on my shoulder cause it's easier to load. Though this time as I throw my rifle carelessly on my shoulder the butt of it comes in contact with something.

I spin on my heel as I hear Harry groaning, holding his nose in the process. He must have been looking over me while I about to load the rifle. And they say curiosity killed the cat or in Harry's case a possible broken nose. Wasn't he taught to give someone space when they were dealing with a weapon.

"Harry did I hit your nose?" I questioned, knelling down beside him as I place the rifile on the ground. He pulls one of his hands away, showing me the already gushing blood."Guess that's a yes." I say, cringing slightly.

"Come on." I stand up, and manage to get Harry up. He stumbled slightly when I did, possibly due to the blow he took. I led him toward the back door and opened it. The feeling of guilt was strong and evident when I refused to look at the boys. They had to all be sitting in the kitchen at the time.

"Harry did she punch you in the nose?" Liam asked, his tone accusing. Harry shook his head as he held his head back, to stop the flow of the bleeding. The boys turned to me, even Louis who still wasn't saying anything.

I threw my hands up."He accidentally got hit with the butt of my rifle." They stare at me for a moment."How was I suppose to know that he was behind me?"

"You should have been paying attention!" Liam yells, as I hand Harry a towel. Trent was better at stopping nose bleeds then I was. Maybe I should get him down here.

"It was an accident." I snapped back, fist clenching at my sides. Liam looked livid as he started at me, jaw clenching. He wasn't about to take out his frustrations with Trent on me.

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