•Too Much Pride•

Kendall POV

Too many thoughts were running through my mind at the moment. Andrew was definitely one of them; he had to know I wasn't serious. But then again I never said I hated him before so he could have thought I was serious. I sighed; maybe I would be able to think straight if my head wasn't hurting.

Hurricane came trotting by me with a bone in his mouth. Where has he been lately? I shook my head I was getting off subject. I heard someone sigh from behind me and I groaned."Louis I don't want to talk right now." I told him. I didn't want to talk to him right now; I didn't feel like talking to anybody.

"Actually it's Harry." Harry said. I stared up at him as he sat down next to me. It felt kind of weird sitting next to him, it wasn't uncomfortable just weird. I just wondered what he was doing out her. Yeah you would expect it from Louis but not Harry.

"And you're out here because?" I asked as I stared into his emerald eyes.

He shrugged."Truthfully Louis wanted to come out here, but they thought he would make it worse. So instead of him you get me." He admitted as he looked at me. There was a hint of amusement hidden behind the smile he was giving me. I didn't see what was so funny.

"What's so funny?" I snapped at Harry. He shrugged before looking away from me. I narrowed my eyes at his curly head as he stared at the ground.

"How much do you remember from last night?" He asked as he smirked at me.

"I told you I didn't remember anything." I lied again. I was becoming a liar before my very on eyes. And to think I didn't like being lied too and I was lying. God I'm such a hypocrite.

"I know you told me a lie." He countered, smirking. I opened my mouth but for some reason I didn't know what to say, so I closed it back."There is a good reason that you're so truthful, and it's because you suck at lying." He said as he shook his head. That's what he thought was so funny?

"I just remember something's but the rest is a blur." I told him. He chuckled and smiled at me. There was something about that look he was giving me. It was filled with mischievous.

He was hiding a secret that I knew had something to do with me.

"So you don't remember grabbing Louis Jr." He smirked as he burst out laugh.

"Who is Louis... Oh my god." I covered my face as realization it me. Did I really do that while I was drunk? I'm sure their us a law against that?"I can't believe I touch his dick!" I whispered lowly to myself. But since Harry stared laughing harder I guess he heard it.

I pushed him on the ground but he kept laughing."You didn't just touch it you grabbed it." he pointed out. I narrowed my eyes at him and shook my head."And you said 'it feels weird'." He laughed out as he tried to copy my voice but failed.

My lips started to twitch suddenly I found myself laughing with him. Even I have to admit it was pretty hilarious. I'm nor sure if me laughing with him was his plan. After a few more seconds of laughing we calmed down.

He sighed."Now since I succeed in calming you down, you can go talk to your brother." he said as he grinned at me. So that was his plan get me laughing, then get me to apologize? I have to give it to him he's smarter than he looks.

"So the plan was to get me to apologize?" I asked with a raised brow.

"I didn't say anything about apologizing. But since you know you need apologize it means you feel guilty about it. So you might want to." He pointed out as he stood up. I stared at him as if he'd just grown three heads.

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