Chapter Twenty-Three Rainy Day

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This is what Harry's hair looks like----->


The rain was pounding loudly against the window, causing me to wake up. For a moment I didn't know where I was. Then at once it all came back to me, I wanted to cry again but I didn't. Louis was still sleeping as I slid out of his arms. Might as well see what the boys are doing.

A loud bang came from down stairs, which caused Louis to move slightly. I smiled when he mumbled my name in his sleep. Another bang come from down stairs and I rolled my eyes. Huffing, I quietly stomped out of my room and closed the door behind me.

If those idiots break something i'm going to kill them. The banging got louder as I entered the living room. All of the furniture was pushed back against the wall, and in the middle of the room we're my idiot brother and Zayn wrestling.

"What are they doing?" I questioned Niall as he cheered them on. He was mostly mocking whoever ended up on the bottom.

"It's raining outside. So we came up with the idea to wrestle till the weather cleared." Niall explained, as he cringed when Andrew knocked Zayn to the ground. They we're seriously lacking a lot of needed brain cells.

"Can't you guys find something else to do with your time?" I asked as I looked at him."Ya know something that won't leave bruises."

Niall turned to me,"But this is too much fun." Niall replied before turning back to watch them. Where was the responsible adult when you needed him?

"Go for the knees Zayn." Paul yelled as he offered me some popcorn, while walking into the living room. I guess I'm the only responsible one here. I rolled my eyes as Zayn tackled Andrew to the ground.

"You guys better not break anything." I said, as I left the living room. You'd think they'll be a little quieter since Louis was upstairs sick. Sighing I ran a hand through my hair, as I leaned against a wall in the kitchen.

Maybe I should cook something for when Louis woke up. Then again he probably wouldn't want to eat anything. It wasn't like those idiots were going to cook anything. Everyone likes chicken soup when their sick.

So I'd cook him some soup. I'll need the big pot for this, since it's so many people in the house. I took out some ingredients for the soup, chopped them up and threw them in the pot. As I prepared the food I felt a pair of eyes on me.

I knew for a fact that they weren't Louis's blue eyes. When I turned around I came face to face with a pair of angry green eyes. He had a beanie covering his pink hair.

"Do you need anything Harry." I asked in an overly sweet voice, while smiling. He narrowed his eyes at me, and let his lips slip up into a sinister smile. He stepped back slowly till he was next to the table, then pulled out a chair and sat down. So he is trying to use mind games.

Harry sat at the table watching me, as I tried to continue to cook while ignoring me. He probably had something planned. I heard the chair move and glanced behind me.

"Watch your back Kendall," Harry sung as he left the kitchen. I rolled my eyes and continued to cook.

A soft scratching at the door took my attention away from the pot. Someone must have locked the doggy door, I thought. I turned the stove on low, before going to let Hurricane in.

Hurricane was standing on the porch, patiently waiting to be let in. When I opened the door he shook his fur off, then wiped his paws off before he came in. He stopped and turned back to look outside. I looked too.

The same dog from before was silently watching us. I looked down and noticed Hurricane was staring up at me. Sighing, I called out to the dog. She ran out of the rain and into the house. Unlike Hurricane she shook all of her rain water on me.

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