Don't Leave// harry styles a.u by drammatico
Don't Leave// harry styles a.uby jill
Living in small town Maine, Maisie never thought that her life would be eventful. But when a boy with green eyes barges into her house in the middle of the night, everyt...
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peaky blinders imagines by asthelightsgodown
peaky blinders imaginesby ♕maddie
all imagines can originally be found on my tumblr @ birminghamblinders !! hope you enjoy :)
  • tommy
  • peakyblinders
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KINKY//FLUFFS/PICS// by httplunatic
KINKY//FLUFFS/PICS//by Euphoria💙
Everything is kinky in this page, for kinky anime to kinky real life stuff. Everything here is 18+ so no minors underage. Top ranking-#51 &72 LGBT pride. #6 neko#4cho...
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Somewhere (MxM) by MissBonnett
Somewhere (MxM)by Miss Bonnett
Sam hasn't seen Cooper Blackwood in five years. Not since the "incident". And now that he's back, Sam wants answers and he doesn't plan to let him get away thi...
  • werewolf
  • boyxboy
  • tournament
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Daughter of falcon.  (Sam Wilson x child! Reader) by Niablack4311
Daughter of falcon. (Sam Wilson Niablack4311
Bliss is different She lives with her abusive mom and her moms boyfriend She is 10 Her father doesn't even know she is alive But that all changes in 1 day
  • stark
  • stevenstrange
  • starwars
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My art book  by Once_Upon_A_Plant
My art book by Elliot
⚠️All rights to this book belong to me⚠️ Mainly finished pieces and doodles! Commissions are open and very cheap. I may open requests some day but not soon. I hope you...
  • lgbtq
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Jacksepticeye GT AU Oneshots (REQUESTS CURRENTLY ON HOLD) by NuclearSugarBomb
Jacksepticeye GT AU Oneshots ( NuclearSugarBomb
For newcomers: GT AU stands for Giant/Tiny Alternate Universe, where certain people are giants, while others are tiny. REQUESTS CURRENTLY ON HOLD
  • jacksepticeye
  • septicegos
  • chasebrody
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Experiment by _pure_imagination_
Experimentby Anna Winter
Laura had always known her parents were strange. They had a laboratory filled with strange animals, serums, experiments. But she never knew that she was going to become...
  • mutation
  • completed
  • future
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G/T Adventures by The_Little_Dove
G/T Adventuresby Dove
((THIS COVER WAS CREATED BY @xTinyGayx!!)) A compilation of G/T (Giant/Tiny) short stories that I will not be continuing unless I feel like it's one of my favorites. I r...
  • amyplier
  • short
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Baby Dragon by FlameDragonHime
Baby Dragonby HeartsOfFire
Lucy can never have a normal day with FairyTail but today's a little different. There isn't a dark Guild after them or a weird contest. There's no up-coming festival or...
  • fairytail
  • cute
  • lucy
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Gt Short Stories  by thundercat2016
Gt Short Stories by thundercat2016
Short stories about giant/giantess and humans
  • love
  • humans
  • friends
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Pup by Jane_Jergi
Pupby Pluto
After being held captive most of her life and receiving daily beatings, (Y/N) and her wolf have lost themselves. They've learned trust must be earned, not given. So whe...
  • 5h
  • trust
  • werewolf
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Gentle Giantess by giantess44
Gentle Giantessby giantess44
For those who asked for it!
  • feet
  • tiny
  • shrunk
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Little Girl, Little Space by ShamelessSugaKookie
Little Girl, Little Spaceby ShamelessSugaKookie
Yin Y/N, the new member to bts has always really been friends with the boys, along side their journey. When she was brought into the group, they faced alot of ups and do...
  • suga
  • jungguk
  • jungkook
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Le Petite Rose by botanicana
Le Petite Roseby ~Queenie~
I look up to everyone, literally. The only way to be eye to eye is if I had a step ladder, which I don't own. Yet. My name is Rosemary Adiotti, but everyone calls me Ros...
  • humour
  • boys
  • small
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Evil is a Strong Word (AntiSepticeye G/T) by The_Little_Dove
Evil is a Strong Word ( Dove
SLOW UPDATES! This is from my G/T Adventures shorts! Signe, a Borrower caught by Jack about a year ago, faced Anti once in her life. Luckily, her and Jack defeated him b...
  • borrower
  • antisepticeye
  • demon
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Taken  by thundercat2016
Taken by thundercat2016
Laura was minding her own business when out of nowhere a young giant takes her home to be his pet but what well happen when Laura meets the giants older brother who can'...
  • tinies
  • giants
  • pet
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Living With The Giants (editing) by moodygirlz
Living With The Giants (editing)by ✨ILLUSION ✨
~Living With The Giants~ Tess is exactly like every other human teenage girl, boy obsessed, hormonal human. Yet this human didn't live where you'd expect, actually an...
  • teenageboy
  • shrink
  • differentworld
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The Next to be Taken by DezWeasel767
The Next to be Takenby Dez
Twelve year old, Mavis has seen something that should only belong in a fairy tale. Out of fear, she escaped the orphanage and lived out on the streets for three years. N...
  • gtfluff
  • dezweasel
  • fantasy
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wanderlust (edited) by vanilla_coke
wanderlust (edited)by dahlia franchot
"You need to know," James says while he pulls on his hoodie, "that I'm not interested in a relationship." He swallows, staring at the wall as if ther...
  • teenfiction
  • tara
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