Chapter Thirty-Eight[Forgetting Her]

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Chapter Thirty-Eight[Forgetting Her]


She hadn't even said goodbye or even attempted to say anything to me. I couldn't even bring myself to try to say goodbye. Because I knew I wouldn't have just said goodbye. More like tried to forced her to say something, knowing she'd stubbornly fight against me. Saying she didn't like me. Did she even like me? When it came to talking about her feelings for me she wouldn't. Though when I'd kissed her she would kiss me back.

Was I just a fling to her? Maybe the reason why she hadn't confessed her feelings for me. Was because she didn't feel any for me. No, I refuse to believe that she didn't feel anything for me. Her feelings may not have been as strong as mine, but they were definitely there. Sometimes when she fully let her guard down I'd see it.

Though she just could have had a crush on me? That would explain why she hid it. If she loved me she would have fought for me. That's what you do when you love someone right? Hell I'm just a guy who's never been in love before. Kendall was the first girl that I just didn't want to have sex with, since I've became famous. Sure I did want to have sex with her too, but I also wanted to get to know her.

She was different from the others. Instead of her chasing me I had to chase her. Girls have just been throwing themselves at me, giving me what I wanted without even trying. Kendall on the other hand was a challenge. She made me work hard just to get on her good side, and I loved every minute of it. Sure it wasn't easy to do, because of the walls she had built up.

I thought I had broken them down guess I hadn't.

That night at the hospital. When she found who we actually were. I thought she was going to treat me different. Imagine my surprise when she didn't just straight up ask me for a picture and an autograph. That's when I truly fell hard for her. Knowing that she wouldn't just like me because I was Louis Tomlinson a member of the boy band 'One direction'.

How could she just have let me leave like that? That just proved a point. Her feelings were not as strong, meaning she'd easily get over me. Well two could play that game I could get over her too. It would take me sometime- a really long time. Though if she didn't want to be with be I'd respect her wishes. I don't know why I just decided that. Maybe it was because I was already gone.

My eyes narrowed slightly, as I found myself getting angry. Why had I thought that I could persuade her into liking me? It was obvious that she was to stuck on the past to even move forward. So why had I even tried? Because for some odd reason I thought we had some sort of connection. Obviously I was the only one who that felt it.

"Louis." I snapped my eyes towards Harry, when I heard him call my name.


"You look like you're about to punch something." He tells me, as he holds out a bag of chips towards me. Why did he think food was going to make this better.

"No thanks." I hadn't meant for my voice to come out harsh. But it had and Harry hadn't even flinched at my tone. Only smiled then pushed the chips towards me again.

It didn't help that we were stuck together for another hour in this car. Which we were uncomfortably packed into. So why had Harry chose to bother me right now was beyond me. How I felt right now I could have possibly hit him. I could have laughed at the thought of me hitting Harry. Because it meant that Kendall had somehow rubbed off onto in someway.

"Harry I said no." I gritted my teeth together slightly, as my fist clenched on my lap.

"Louis trust me the food will make it better." Harry insisted, as he pushed the bag at me one more time.

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