Fighting The Blaze or Blaze

How long does love last? Does it fizzle out like a flame, when you cover it up. Or does it blaze like a wildfire when it's not tamed.

Louis had been in love with a girl three years ago. Though she had not returned his love, instead of forming a heart of stone. Like anyone else would have done in his situation. He got back in the game and actually found someone. The thing is his band members hate her, he'd expected this from the fans. He doesn't understand why, though he doesn't care she makes him forget. Forget about her.

But what happens when that certain girl that he's tried so hard to forget, comes crashing back into his life.

A whole lot of drama, fights, and possibly something much more.

(A lot of you were asking what the sequel will be called. So here it is and I've got a lot planned for it. The summary might change a little before I post it. Just think of it as a draft summary so you guys will know what's it about. Also if you could think of a better title tell me with a comment.)

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